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Paradise Now  

von fABULEUS / Michiel Vandevelde

Vier Tänzerinnen, schwarz gekleidet und tanzend
15.11. – 17.11.2019

Bartók / Beethoven / Schönberg  

by Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker

Artistic programme: What's next?

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Mitten (2019)
Further dates
15.11. – 17.11.
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on the occasion of Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker’s guest performances

Introductory lecture


I want to dance

Save the date: The 1. Winter Academy with a huge range of workshops will take place from thde 27th to the 29th of December. More is coming soon.

Sitzende Frau in rotem Sweatshirt und gelber Jogginghose.

Let us introduce you to ...

Carmen Mar, expert on the inner flow. Her lessons starts from the 16.11. on. Here you'll find the people who shape and mould the house.

about Carmen

Upcoming highlights:

emanuel gat dance Ensemble


Fotoshooting mit Rita Lino

Düsseldorf’s largest sandbox

… served as a perfect location for our campaign on community and gathering, photographed by Rita Lino.

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