tanzhaus nrw e.V.

tanzhaus nrw functions under the organising body of a non-profit association founded in 1979 that boasts a lively development. The association aims to support contemporary dance art on two stages and with eight dance and production studios.

Special concerns lie in regional and international artistic exchange as well as in agency for dance for children and adults alike. The association, through its diverse offers, “strives to provide sites of learning, teaching and experience that enable adults, senior citizens, children, youths and adolescents from across all social strata, ethnic and cultural groups to discover, activate further, develop and bring to full bloom their respective muso-creative, socio-communicative and culturally constitutive capabilities, in an individually creative manner as well as in socially integrated ways.” (Excerpt from the articles of association).

The association’s board, the tanzhaus nrw director, the different sections’ staff, the instructors, regularly teaching at the academy, as well as the multitude of residence artists perceive themselves as all being part of one team fulfilling the purpose of the association, as put forth in the articles of association, in one shared work practice.

Membership: Whether you would like to learn more about the association or want to contribute within the frame of your own membership, we will be happy to assist youto contact the board. A membership application form, as well as the articles of association, are made available to you below as pdf. So sorry, currently not available in English.

Ein dirigierender Roboter, der Alter 3 heißt und in dem Stück Scary Beauty stattfindet.

Our History

Many ideas, low rent, no heating: In 1973, a group of Düsseldorf artists founded what later became tanzhaus nrw.

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Julia Maya Baumann
Irgibe Woube
Surena Fazelazar