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Productions 2019/20  

The commitment for a lively regional scene is among the defining traits of tanzhaus nrw as an internationally active production venue with a strong local footing. In the coming years, tanzhaus nrw will purposefully expand collaboration with and production support for North Rhine-Westphalian artists. A smaller selection of projects will receive a more intensive support with an obligatory mentoring during the project development phase and a stronger connection to the venue’s various activities, for example within the academy. In addition to co-produced works, North Rhine-Westphalian guest performances still retain their places within the programme.

HARTMANNMUELLER are lying in the grass
Alliance of International Production Houses

Alejandro Ahmed

They are regarded as the Brazilian dance scene’s punks: CENA 11. Even if nostalgia chimes in through this denotation, the punk reference points to the company’s legendary works. In them, their director Alejandro Ahmed strains possible choreographic patterns and devises arrangements he calls “immaterial choreographies” or “generative dance”. Following tanzhaus nrw presentations of “Monotony of Approach and Fugue for Seven Bodies” as well as a first outtake of “Elephant Protocol” during 2016’s “Projeto Brasil” festival, CENA 11 will return with their most recent creation “Black Light”.

North Rhine-Westphalia

Céline Bellut

With the production of “Hold On!”, Cologne choreographer Céline Bellut delves into the world of female* fantasies of lust and desire with an interdisciplinary ensemble. Her feminist reading of physicalness and images, pointing out the long cultural history of suppression of the female* sexuality, could hardly be any more topical. In movement installations, sound experiments and “scores” leading to absurdly complex improvisational tasks, she relishes in narrating, with fine humour, a fantastical world.
Following her graduation at the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen, Céline Bellut lives in Cologne. Within Now & Next, the platform for budding choreographers at tanzhaus nrw, she presented “Pop It!” in 2017, offering an undisguised vision on the sexualisation of female* bodies in popular culture. During the 2018/ 2019 season, she took part in the tanzhaus nrw-initiated exchange project “Constructing Collaborations”. Within the framework of the Double Bill programme format, “Hold On” will open as her first proper production at tanzhaus nrw towards the end of 2019.

tanzhaus nrw dates: Fri 13.12. + Sat 14.12. 2019, as part of the Double Bill programme format

Young Tanzhaus and Alliance of International Production Houses

Dani Brown & Gaëtan Brun-Picard

“A piece for youths, by youths and one narrator* who got swallowed by a computer,” that is the short description of Dani Brown’s and Gaëtan Brun-Picard’s new project. Together with youths, they deal with the relation toward the phenomenon of self-expression and towards communities. This will happen both on- and offline, on a website as well as on stage.
Dani Brown grew up in the USA and concluded her dance studies at ArtEZ in Arnhem. Since then, she has been working in Europe with various choreographers, among them Ligia Lewis, Alexandra Waierstall and Lea Moro, while also creating her own works. Gaëtan Brun-Picard lives in Paris and immerses himself in different media with space and light as a choreographer and artist. Coming from urban dance, he further developed his style in a contemporary context, working in different constellations with choreographers like Eric Minh Cuong Castaing, Alessandro Sciarroni or Emanuel Gat. Dani and Eric first met each other during the “Cliffdancers” project, continuing their collaborative effort with “Untitled, report from another side”.

Young Tanzhaus

Éric Minh Cuong Castaing

“L’Âge d’Or” is a choreographed encounter between children with movement disorders and professional dancers. Together, they explore movement and body techniques as well as new technologies as driving forces for a movement experience. A documentary film and an intimate performance provide glimpses into this staged reality. Marseille-based choreographer Éric Minh Cuong Castaing devises formats with his “Shonen” company in which he directly correlates technology and humans, in turn touching on essential questions. Previous collaborations with tanzhaus nrw include projects “School of Moon” and “PHOENIX”.

tanzhaus nrw dates: Mon 16.12. + Tue 17.12.2019


Dance On / Jan Martens

Both the exceptional Flemish choreographer Jan Martens as well as berlin ensemble DANCE ON are established names at tanzhaus nrw. Jan martens will create a new piece in 2020 for the DANCE ON dancers with exceptional stage experience. Jan Martens was a Factory Artist at tanzhaus nrw from 2014 until 2016. The connection to theatre Le Gymnase in Roubaix, France, followed until 2018, and he will be a “Creative Associate” at the deSingel International Arts Campus in Antwerp until 2021. His works, almost all of which have guested at tanzhaus nrw, display a remarkable grasp for the urgent questions of our time.

Young Tanzhaus and North Rhine-Westphalia

Barbara Fuchs

The “MISCHPOKE” staging puts bodies of all ages under scrutiny and ultimately revolves around the question how they change and relate to one another. At the same time, the piece is a part of the new project cycle under the header “DER SOZIALE KÖRPER (THE SOCIAL BODY)”. Together with musician Jörg Ritzenhoff, Barbara Fuchs turns to the body as social agent which co-shapes generation-spanning relationships, laying traces.
Cologne-based choreographer Barbara Fuchs has been devising dance pieces for a young audience for many years. Works such as “Alles im Eimer!“ and „Pfffhh... – Ein Gummi-Schlauchspiel“ as well as „PAPIERSTÜCK“ put materials and sounds at the centre that, together with people, change into surprising compositions.

tanzhaus nrw dates: Sat 09.11. – Tue 12.11.2019

Alliance of International Production Houses

Yasmeen Godder

Empathy is a central skill for Israeli choreographer Yasmeen Godder, who employs it in a weighty role as a chorographic procedure in her works. During a “Residenz im Realen (Residency in Reality)”, she and performers as well as interested Düsseldorf people tried out new “Scores” with “Practicing Empathy” as a participatory choreography before it hits the stage in March, 2020.
Yasmeen Godder and tanzhaus nrw have long cultivated a close collaboration in which Freiburg-based scientist and pedagogue Monica Gillette plays an important role. Her interactive group pieces “Common Emotions” and “Simple Action” as well as the duet “Demonstrate Restraint” with musician Tomer Dansky left lasting impressions in Düsseldorf.

North Rhine-Westphalia


“Die Schöpfung/ The Creation” is the current stage work by Düsseldorf artist duo Simon Hartmann and Daniel Ernesto Müller. In collaboration with dramaturge Annette Müller and through theories of New Materialism and feminism, they unlock a view on the world that prefers non-binary construct, searching for new means of survival and communality. Since graduating from the Folkwang University of the Arts, HARTMANNMUELLER have been devising their own works, among them “Melodien zum Träumen”, “it is what it is”, “Du bist nicht allein”, “in noT” and “my Saturday went pretty well until I realized it was monday”.

tanzhaus nrw dates: Thu 21.11. + Sat 23.11. + Sun 24.11.2019

Alliance of International Production Houses

Katja Heitmann

Katja Heitmann dives deep into a long-running research on the small gestures and incidental everyday movements, so easily forgotten, in “Motus Mori”. During movement interviews, she and her performers direct an accurate and empathetic view towards the choreographies of the clavicle, the tender swaying of the belly, and the anatomy of a sigh. And so, a unique portrait and archive of the city originates in a living museum.
Katja Heitmann lives and works in Tilburg, developing projects situated between choreography and visual arts with her partner Sander van der Schaaf under the label “this is not a show”. She could last be experienced at tanzhaus nrw with “Pandora’s Dropbox” and “For iTernity”. During a Residenz im Realen (Residency in Reality), she studied everyday movements together with visitors to the Zentrum Plus/ DRK centre in Düsseldorf quarter Friedrichstadt.

Alliance of International Production Houses

Louise Lecavalier

Louise Lecavalier created a short solo that was only performed for a few evenings, called “Les Marguerites”, in 2018. With her new creation, she returns to this choreography on a quest for her own innermost and in dialogue with the writings of medieval author Marguerite Porète.
The Canadian choreographer and dancer wrote dance history, not least with her energetic performances as protagonist of seminal company La La Human Steps and her famously infamous “barrel-turn”. She has been devising her own works for some years now under the label “Fou Glorieux”. tanzhaus nrw has shown her works “So Blue” and “Battleground”.

Young Tanzhaus

Sebastian Matthias

“XOXO” is dedicated to intimacy and nudity. While everything is accessible to everyone online, teenagers’ first experiences in live are accompanied by insecurities and fears. How can movement and choreography offer alternative perspectives on consensual physical intimacy, closeness and emotions?
Sebastian Matthias lives and works as a choreographer and researcher in Berlin and Hamburg. During his time as a Factory Artist at tanzhaus nrw from 2014 until 2016, he created and presented parts of the “Groove Space” series. Most recently, he guested at Junges Tanzhaus with “Intergalactic Underwater Palace”.


Anna Till & Katia Manjate

Anna Till and Katia Manjate develop their first joint project with “Life in Numbers”. In it, both choreographers and dancers explore how numbers influence their lives and question the criteria used to classify identity and idiosyncrasy of the individual by means of statistical enquiry.
Anna Till lives and works in Dresden after completing, among other things, her studies at the Hochschulübergreifendes Zentrum Berlin (HZT). Katia Manjate has her life centred around Maputo, Mozambique’s capital, where she was educated at CulturArte and is among the first generation of dance creatives. Anna Till and Katia Manjate first met during the “Shifting Realities” project that was initiated by tanzhaus nrw, HELLERAU – Europäisches Zentrum der Künste (European Centre for the Arts) and the École des Sables in Dakar in 2016.

tanzhaus nrw dates: Sat 19.10. + Sun 20.10.2019

North Rhine-Westphalia

Fabien Prioville

“Power Moves” is inspired by Fabien Prioville’s collaboration with Philippine hip hop artist Vince Mendoza who provides a unique glimpse into the Southeast Asian street dance scene. Fabian Prioville, as a dancer and choreographer, was aesthetically strongly informed by his contribution at Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch. He expanded the spectrum in his own works through an intense examination with new technologies. Following his choreographies “NOUS”, “Experiment on Chatting Bodies”, “The Smartphone Project”, “Time for Us”, “SOMA Project”, “La Suite” and “How do you fear?” was the 2018 VR installation „Rendez-Vous“.

tanzhaus nrw dates: Thu 28.11. + Fri 29.11.2019

North Rhine-Westphalia

Ben J. Riepe

Düsseldorf choreographer Ben J. Riepe continues his series of works contemplating the relation between dance, visual arts, music, and digitisation as artistic material. Ben J. Riepe returns to tanzhaus nrw with “Monster”, his new project that turns towards the uncanny and overpowering aspects in the massive restructuring of all areas of life through digitisation. Recently awarded the “Karl Arnold Prize”, Ben J. Riepe’s stagings veer between visual and performing arts, taking the human body as starting point and connection. His work encompasses stage works in a number of different contexts as well as exhibitions and other formats such as, most recently, the “MEDO” Summer School in 2018.

North Rhine-Westphalia

Enis Turan

The “27 Club” is an internationally famous phenomenon, both terrifying and glamourous. Enis Turan picks up the motif of those who died young – and who, in turn, became immortal – and refers it to the concept of fugacity in the arts: Visual arts works are made for eternity, but what about dance?
Following his graduation at Zentrum für Zeitgenössischen Tanz Köln (ZZT/ Centre für Contemporary Dance Cologne), Enis Turan lives as a choreographer and performer in Cologne and Berlin. After presenting his solo “The Beauty and the Beast” at Now & Next in 2017 and his participation in “Cliffdancers”, a production by tanzhaus nrw and the Kopergietery in Ghent in 2017, he presents his newest work within the framework of Double Bill 2020 at tanzhaus nrw.

North Rhine-Westphalia

Antje Velsinger

Antje Velsinger puts utopian bodies at the core of her works. She ventures into the perception world of those skills that increasingly vanish and of acuity with “Dreams in a cloudy space”. She examines, by means of video interviews and movement research, how the slightly engrossed condition can also be self-empowering, complemented by two performers of different age who are occupied with signs of physical decay. Following “Massive Dreams” about expanded physicalness, “Dreams in a Cloudy Space” forms the second part in a trilogy on optimised bodies in everyday life.
Antje Velsinger is a choreographer and performer living in both Cologne and Hamburg. She showed a short version of her work “You are here” at Now & Next as early as 2013 as well as the feature-length production “HAUS, KEIN HAUS” during festival tanz nrw 2017. She took part in the tanzhaus nrw-initiated exchange project “Constructing Collaborations” in 2018/19.

North Rhine-Westphalia

Kollektiv ZOO

Kollektiv ZOO – with members Jens Eike Krüger, Constantin Leonhard and Anja Plonka – examines self-care and self-optimisation in the format of the “shower” as a festive-communal gathering in “Takanakuy Shower”. In a long night of concentration towards oneself, they traverse the tender and intimate modes of self-examination towards the eruptive, between participatory performance and movement installation. The collective of Szenische Forschung Ruhr and Academy for Media Arts Cologne graduates showed their performative video installation “Construction Support” during the tanzhaus nrw format Now & Next for up-and-coming dance creators in 2017. The material used was gathered during that same year’s summer residency. During the “Residenz im Realen (Residency in Reality)”, Kollektiv ZOO, through a tanzhaus nrw invitation, spent six weeks at Fitness Unlimited, devising the course “Joying I”, a precursor to “Takanakuy Shower”. They discovered a very own movement practice in a modus of cavorting about, defending it against all the rules of neoliberal usability. 

tanzhaus nrw dates: Fri 13.12. + Sat 14.12.2019 as part of the Double Bill programme format


Anais Emilia Rödel

*19.06.1987 †15.05.2020