Audience & Engagement

In addition to our artistic programme, we invite our visitors to take part in exchange on dance with others in numerous offerings, to discover new goings-on and to develop a deeper understanding of the experience. tanzhaus nrw offers a regular schedule of free programmes in the Physical Introductions right before the performances, in open rehearsals, in introductory lectures and a host of different talk formats before and after performances. Come join us, engage with us and share your impressions with other visitors, artists and experts.

Physical Introduction

Physical Introduction addresses all those who are interested in getting acquainted with the specific quality of movement or the choreographic idea of a piece one hour prior to the performance proper. Under the experienced guidance of instructors like Anja Bornšek and Lili M. Rampre, it is all about starting to move. The Physical Introductions prepare us visitors to sharpen our senses and to gain access to the events on stage. It is not about the re-enactment of particular scenes within the performance, but rather about empathising with movement principles or a performance’s special atmosphere by means of improvisation or mindful exercise. One thing is for sure: This introduction is fun! The 45-minute Physical Introductions do not require previous knowledge or experience. Comfortable clothing is recommended, but not mandatory. Also, you can go to the performance in a relaxed mood following the introduction.

Open Rehearsal

Artists open the rehearsal process during a piece’s development and invite you to take a glimpse into their modes of operation, processes in a performance’s development, into dramaturgical questions and other challenges during the work for a staging.

Introductory Lectures

We invite experts to hold introductory lectures within the framework of selected events or festivals.

Talk Formats

Talks before or after a performance as well as in self-contained events offer the possibility of sharing the experience with others, to pose questions and, in doing so, of gaining a deeper and more enduring understanding of topics, concerns and the distinctiveness of contemporary dance. Apart from the talks presented by tanzhaus nrw staff, the "It’s Your Turn!" format, developed and guided by Cologne-based choreographer Stephanie Thiersch, turned out to be a favourite for starting small-group conversation. The talks are conducted in German and/ or English. The open seminar "Academies on the Move", hosted by tanzhaus nrw in collaboration with junior professor Maren Butte, Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf, and Professor Francesca Raimondi, Arts Academy of the City of Düsseldorf, provides students and other interested parties with the opportunity to think about theoretical points of contact in dance and practical approaches towards artistic positions in an open exchange format.

tanzende Jugendliche

Offers for schools

tanzhaus nrw cooperates with a large number of schools, kindergartens and cultural centres in Düsseldorf.