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You will find calls for proposals, both for professional dance creatives as well as for amateurs with and without prior dance experience, when choreographers look for people to realise their special projects. 


After the successful premiere at Bockenheimer Depot in Frankfurt, YO BRO will be shown at tanzhaus nrw in Düsseldorf on March 10 and 11. For the piece by Joana Tischkau, performers of different ages, origins and skin colors from Düsseldorf and the surrounding area are sought. The workload will be compensated with a rehearsal and performance fee.


In YO BRO, choreographer and director Joana Tischkau uses her own biography to examine the power relations of family images. For this she is on stage together with her twin brother Aljoscha Tischkau. The actors she is looking for represent the rest of the family. Since Aljoscha and Joana grew up with one white and one parent of colour, we are explicitly looking for performers of colour and white performers in order to work out to what extent normative ideas of family are also shaped by racist habits of seeing.


This call is for semi-professional performers, performers in training, and extras with acting experience who enjoy movement and performance. Speech texts in English and German have to be learned by heart, which will later be lip-synced to a playback soundtrack.

Individual roles will be assigned.

The following characters are wanted:

  • Mother (white, playing age 40-60 years)
  • Aunt (of colour, playing age 30-45 years)
  • Uncle (white or of colour, playing age 30-45 years)
  • Cousin (white or of colour, playing age 16-25 years)


Casting: 18.+19.02.23 at the tanzhaus nrw, Düsseldorf
Rehearsals & performances in the period: 03.03.-11.03.23


Please send a short application with a cell phone or webcam video (approx. 2-5 minutes) with the following content:


Please mention the following information in your application:
First and last name, address, phone and email address, city of residence, height, clothing and shoe size. Please mention previous experience in performance or dance. Other hobbies / interests are also welcome.

Photos - preferably a full body photo and a portrait.

Please email application materials to: assistenz@keemail.me


tanzhaus nrw is looking for students from the fields of dance, performing arts and art as well as interested students of all subjects (without previous knowledge in the above mentioned fields) who have time and desire to participate in the piece Burn Time by André Uerba as performers and/or helping hands in the construction of the stage installation. An affinity for fine motor movements is desired.

To kick off the build-up and rehearsal period, the Portuguese and Berlin-based visual artist, performer and choreographer André Uerba will offer a workshop.

The working language will be English.


One after the other and sometimes at the same time, delicate threads are ignited in Uerba's choreography Burn Time. A space in slow motion emerges, constantly changing and fading. In the darkness, the power of the burning threads unfolds. Burn Time acknowledges the moment and surrenders to the here and now. The stillness of the space, the slow rise of the points of light reminiscent of the hovering of fireflies, and the gentle movements of the performers* transform the perception of time.

More info at: https://shorthope.org/burntime  

The workshop is dedicated to the conceptual, aesthetic and practical aspects of artistic creation at the dynamic interface of performance and visual art, of movement and "stillness". How to expand an image? The embodied research that André has been conducting since 2018 around the idea of slowness only unfolds in the poetics of encounter.

During the workshop, Uerba shares practices he has developed to connect his inner self with his artistic work. And how attention is given to exploring zones of vulnerability, closeness, connection, contemplation, witnessing, supporting and being supported.


Workshop: Saturday, 22.04, 11:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.
Rehearsal and set-up: 23-27.04. (approx. 4 hours per day/by arrangement)
Performances: 28. + 29.04., 20:00

The workshop is free of charge. For participation in the project as a performer or helping hand, tanzhaus nrw will pay an expense allowance.


Via e-mail to: dramaturgie@tanzhaus-nrw.de

Students interested in participation should send a short letter of motivation, a photo of themselves and indicate whether they would like to perform and/or be involved in the construction by February 17.