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You will find calls for proposals, both for professional dance creatives as well as for amateurs with and without prior dance experience, when choreographers look for people to realise their special projects. 

Co-production project with the regional scene for the 2024 calendar year

Dear dance creators in North Rhine-Westphalia,

tanzhaus nrw is an internationally operating production house featuring a strong local and regional connection. With various residency formats and the Now & Next platform for up-and-coming artists as well as with the Performance Session, tanzhaus nrw enables continuous cooperation options and consecutively advancing steps into professional work within the independent dance scene for young artists. The house emphasises

co-productions with artists living and working in North Rhine-Westphalia who rehearse and present at the house.

This Open Call is addressed to professionally operating artists of any age. Through it, an annual selection of co-productions and, in individual cases, guest performances will be conducted. Up to eight co-operations will be contracted for the 2024 calendar year. You may enter project proposals until Sunday, June 4th, 2023. The selection will be communicated via email on June 26th, 2023.


  • Coproduction sum (20% of production costs, 10,000 € max)
  • Two performances in general (premiere + 1 or 2 additional performances), counting as compensated as part of the production sum
  • Residency + open rehearsal and/ or finalising rehearsals (up to 3 weeks of rehearsals in all, depending on availability)
  • Dramaturgical and technical counselling and support for and promotion of events
  • Production and conception talks
  • Venue confirmation statement/ Letter of Intent for funding applications

Profile + Programme 2024

tanzhaus nrw presents and supports diverse choreographic positions. The division between high, sub and socioculture is surmounted at the house. Of central concern is an artistic examination of the human body and its role in present-day societies. The stage programme shows remarkable and innovative positions in the area of contemporary dance. tanzhaus nrw is particularly invested in creating space for artistical-choreographic practice that examines the fields of body politics, digitisation/ new technologies, urban dance cultures as well as sustainability and new communities.

In 2024, tanzhaus nrw will provide visibility to dancing publicity in urban space on the one hand while also establishing publicity for dance as cultural practice and performance art. The house, with its programme, affects the city’s mood and atmosphere and creates new spaces for bodies and movements.

    Application Process

    Please file your application via email. Include a short and precise (3 pages max) project outline. You may present the concept in writing or in audio and/ or visual form. The documents should also contain short CVs of the people involved as well as specifications on technical and financial feasibility.

    Application Process

    • Project description (in writing, 3 pages max, but also in audio or visual/ audio-visual form)
    • Cost projection and budget
    • Planned technical execution
    • Short biographies as well as additional info on artistic work; recorded works (choice of 3 pieces/ projects max)

    Selection Criteria:

    • Urgency, persuasiveness, individuality in project, research + questions
    • Attachment to tanzhaus nrw profile and programme
    • Details on the artistic team + on form of collaboration and about the cast; who acts on stage, and why?
    • How is the audience addressed? Which audience is targeted?
    • Technical and financial project feasibility

    Contact + Send proposals to: dramaturgie@tanzhaus-nrw.de