Roter Tap Dance Schuh auf blauem Grund
Festival · 25. – 29.05.2022

Tap Dance Days

tanzhaus nrw has been issuing invitations to the Tap Dance Days for 25 years now. More than enough reason, then, to stage a special anniversary edition of the festival, starting on the US-American National Tap Dance Day, May 25th, this year. The Tap Dance Days at tanzhaus nrw are among the world’s oldest tap festivals, with a focus on contemporary developments within the art form. Curated by Daniel Luka, the program comprises performance honouring tap legend Sarah Petronio, once called “the first lady of swing” by Jimmy Slyde, as well as performances by Acia Gray, Travis Knights, Carson Murphy, and many more. The festival kick-off – the Tap Dance Day Celebration – will see an open-air performance as well as a collective Shim Sham on tanzhaus nrw’s forecourt. The program will be rounded out by numerous workshops held by Estefanía Porqueras from Barcelona, Jep Meléndez from Santa Cruz de Tenerife, and Daniel Borak from Winterthur, as well as by others. Additionally, the residence programme allows international artists to work on new pieces, topics, and questions for a week and to present them to the audience during a final showing. Curtains up for tap dance at its best!

Discounts for multiple bookings

If the workshop fees sum up to more than 200 €, a reduction of 10% will be granted.