Zwei Tänzerinnen stehen in Haltung hintereinander und berühren den Oberkörper der vorderen Tänzerin mit ihren Händen
Festival · 06. – 10.04.2023

Flamenco Festival

The Flamenco Festival, as curated by Juan Carlos Lérida, presents flamenco as a contemporary art form as it creates a space for artists and audiences in which to communally experience flamenco. Motivated to create excitement in a new audience generation, the festival allows for a deep dive into the flamenco cosmos through its varied programme of performances and workshops.
Carmen Muñoz who will join the festival programme for the first time with her guest performance of her work "Bailes de histéricas", which looks at the history of flamenco and dance from a feminist perspective. In their piece "Los Cuerpos Celestes", Marco Vargas & Chloe Brûlé present the infinite possibilities in flamenco while staging a piece featuring an innovative and exciting aesthetic language. Traditional flamenco’s amazing power will be evident from the virtuosic work by the Alfonso Losa Company entitled "Flamenco: espacio creativo". Newcomers to flamenco are invited to take part in a series of creative workshops hosted by internationally renowned guest lecturers during the festival.
Improvisation in music and dance will be part of the programme again with "IM FLAME": An encounter that gathers flamenco artists with artists from a variety of other genres for one day. The festival enables artistic research through residencies, inviting up-and-coming flamenco artists, offering them a space for research and creation in a festival environment. The tanzhaus nrw foyer will be opened as a space for resting, for reading and for sighting video and film material, and it will also serve as a room for exchange and networking. tanzhaus nrw will, for the festival’s duration, turn into the home of flamenco, and you are invited to stop by.