Ayu Permata Sari

Tubuh Dang Tubuh Dut
Ein*e TTänzer*in tanzt zwischen Zuschauer*innen. Das rechte Bein ist angewinkelt, die Arme zu den Seiten ausgestreckt. Sie hat lange schwarze Haare zu einem Zopf gebunden.

Dangdut – a popular Indonesian musical genre which combines beats from Malay and Indian pop music with Arabic melodies – is associated with the swaying hip movements exhibited by the singers, who are, for the most part, young women. Ayu Permata Sari, though, directs her observational gaze away from the stage towards the movements of the audience in the local Dangdut clubs, predominantly read as male. She takes on the role of a male spectator in her performance, dancing in front of the stage, being watched by the audience. A setting that inverts the male gaze perspective that she often encounters in Dangdut clubs. By appropriating and exploring the body movements as well as the behaviour of male-read fans, Ayu Permata Sari attempts to examine their Dangdut grooves that appear to be expressions of relaxation and sensual experience.

Tubuh Dang Tubuh Dut is the result of a long research process. For this work, Ayu Permata Sari spent long periods of time in Central Javan Dangdut clubs, talking to numerous people who frequented those clubs. She was fascinated by the enjoyment the audiences felt while totally immersing themselves in the music. Dangdut parties serve as a catalyst and as a space of liberation. People dance there to escape the monotony of work, home, and everyday life. The audience steps into a transit space when entering the club – an opportunity to evade mundane problems. Ayu Permata Sari noticed the fans’ everyday work informing their body movements. So, she, for example, observed a construction worker dancing, seemingly oblivious to the fact that his dance gestures resembled the hammering in of nails. Physical experiences that are part of everyday life often appear amid the dance movements.

Duration: 30 min.

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Accompanying programme
Fri 08.03.
Talk afterwards  
Sat 24.02. 11:30 – 13:30 Touch and Play Workshop with Ayu Permata Sari
Sun 03.03. 11:30 – 13:30 A Moment That Can Only Be Called a Dance Workshop with Ayaka Nakama
Fri 01.03. AYUKA Showing with Ayu Permata Sari & Ayaka Nakama
Fri 01.03. Talk afterwards  


Choreography and performance: Ayu Permata Sari; dramaturgy: BM Anggana; musical arrangement: Jenar Kidjing; producer: Sekar Handayani; 

Dangdut Songs: Terajana, (Roma Irama) and Kimcil Kepolen (by NDX, vocalist NindaFillasPutri)

Backstage with Ayu Permata Sari and Ayaka Nakama

“I like situations in which we are on an equal footing and share a common ground. I always try to get together with the audience, to be together.”
Ayaka Nakama

“To me, art and the public sphere are always intertwined because I am a part of the public myself. The public is me, as well. I do not see myself as occupying a special position from without the public.”
Ayu Permata Sari

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Zwei weiblich gelesene Tänzer*innen liegen auf der Seite auf dem Boden. Ihre Köpfe haben Sie wie zum Schlafen auf Kartons abgelegt.