Kursgang tanzhaus nrw


Courses from 08.06. – 04.07.2020

Welcome back to an irregular “Warm-up” starting on Mon 08.06. running until Sat 04.07.2020. Before the academy doors are going to swing open in August, we have compiled a reduced course line-up featuring more than 90 classes over the duration of four weeks. In this way, dance will become possible again in the classrooms while observing the current governmentally decreed safety and hygiene precautions. We kindly ask for your understanding that courses aimed at children and those teaching ballroom and couple dance styles, respectively, had to be excluded from this package. We're looking forward to having you here again. Please read our special hygiene rules beforehand.

To the distancing and hygiene rules HERE.

Among the new conditions serving to contain the pandemic and which are, therefore, protecting the health of us all, is a limit to the maximum participant number of eleven people per dance studio as well as a modified registry procedure that is exclusively accessible online.