Distancing and hygiene rules

Distancing and hygiene measures in effect during your visit to tanzhaus nrw

Dear visitors, welcome back to tanzhaus nrw. The following rules serve to contain the pandemic and they are, therefore, health protection for us all. They apply alongside the usual safety precautions (distancing of at least six feet/ 1,5 metres, frequent washing of hands, sneezing into a handkerchief or into the inside of one’s elbow, observance of general hygiene standards).

  • For visitors of the following age groups:

2 5 years: no test obligation, no mask obligation
6 15 years: no test obligation, mask compulsory in tanzhaus nrw – we kindly ask you to also keep the mask on in the dance studios
16 17 years: proof of 2G+*, the compulsory test can be replaced by a school certificate. Mask compulsory in tanzhaus nrw – we kindly ask you to also keep the mask on in the dance studios.
18 years and older: proof of 2G+* as well as mask compulsory in tanzhaus nrw – we kindly ask you to also keep the mask on in the dance studios.

* proof of full immunisation by vaccination or recovery as well as negative lateral flow test that was not more than 24 hours ago. A booster vaccination replaces the lateral flow test.

  •  Please also carry a valid confirmation of registration from the Academy of the tanzhaus nrw. In addition, participants may be asked to show identification by the staff.
  • We would like to ask you to apply disinfectant to your hands before entering the academy floor on your way to one of the dance studios. Dispensers with hand disinfectant have been put up at several spots throughout the house for your use and are readily visible.
  • We would like to ask you, if possible, to arrive already wearing training gear because the changing rooms are only available in an extremely low capacity, as well as the showers at tanzhaus nrw will remain closed for the time being. You will have access to storage facilities for jackets, bags and shoes within the dance studios.
  • We would like to ask you to carry your own drinking water.
  • We would like to ask you to bring your own mat if participating in courses that require one.
  • Please observe the signs indicating the modified rules regarding entrance and exit as well as the directions. We must also ask for your attention and appreciation of the fact that a stay at tanzhaus nrw is prohibited beyond your booked course(s). Parents can accompany their children only as far as the registration area and can pick up their children after the lessons at the pick up area in front of studio 8.

The regulations can change according to the infection rate in Düsseldorf. We comply with the applicable Corona Protection Ordinance of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Your visit to Nooij Dutch Deli is exempt from these regulations, whereas a hygiene concept pertaining to their respective business has been installed. Please refer to Nooij’s website at www.nooij.de for their opening hours.

tanzhaus nrw, January 2022