The Choreography of Care

Claire Cunningham, Bethany Wells und Luke Pell

Claire Cunningham, tanzhaus nrw Factory Artist 2017 – 2019 and recently honoured for her Outstanding Artistic Development in dance at the 2021 German Dance Awards, demonstrates the importance Care, for oneself and others, takes in her work, as well as in the work of esteemed colleagues and artists, with this limited-edition publication series.

The choreography of Care

Design as Care

Time as Care 

Communication as Care

Performance as Care

The complexity of Care

Following her last production Thank You Very Much (2019) and several intense dialogues held with the ensemble and the team as well as with rabbi, scientist, and activist Julia Watts Belser, Claire Cunningham began to develop clear framing structures for the different meanings of Care within each activity:

From the desire to deepen those questions with the tanzhaus nrw team, the Choreography of Care symposium comes, which will take place in March 2022. Until then, we would like to introduce you to all participating artists and share initial thoughts on the topic of Care.

Order the Publication

From November 2021 until February of 2022, six issues of the publication series may reach you via mail, with offerings by all invited artists as well as the curating team. The first issue will be published on Fri 05.11. Publication dates for the following issues are: 24.11., 15.12, 12.01., 02.02. and 23.02.

You can order the publication series here

The publication series will be published in English. German translation, audio description and videos with german sign language are available online in the section below.


Issue 1/6

Claire Cunningham, Luke Pell & Bethany Wells


Issue 2/6

Liz Rosenfeld, Rodrigo Garcia Alves & Zwoisy Mears-Clarke


Issue 3/6

mayfield brooks & Alessandro Schiattarella


Issue 4/6

Scottee & Friends Ltd.


Issue 5/6

Sam Buttler and David Harradine (Fevered Sleep) & Julia Watts Belser


Issue 6/6

Claire Cunningham, Luke Pell & Bethany Wells

Notes on Design

The pink ink stamps you’ve seen throughout these issues are marks made with the rubber ferrules (feet) of Claire’s crutches. The background textures are taken from images submitted by each contributor to accompany their written text.

The Choreography of Care

Curated and edited: Claire Cunningham and Luke Pell
Design: Bethany Wells

For Claire Cunningham Projects
Executive Producer: Nadja Dias
Project Producer: Vicky Wilson
Dramaturg: Luke Pell