Grafik Volume Up
Festival · 03. – 12.06.2022


The Korean term Unni (언니) means older sister. Unni does not only denote a biological older sister, but all older people read as females will be designated Unni by younger people read as females. During the VOLUME UP festival, which is curated by Olivia Hyunsin Kim in dialogue with Mijke Harmsen and Philipp Schaus, we will expand this concept that carries a certain sense of tenderness and take it as a starting point for an artistic and queer-feminist discourse. Unni, however, does not only apply to women, but rather to all genders of every age. Festival curator Olivia Hyunsin Kim focusses on those Unnis, their achievements and diasporic feminist struggles, which took place in Germany. The term diaspora denotes religious, national, or ethnic communities living far from their original centres, as minorities. The word derives from the Greek language, signifying “dispersal”, “spreading”. The Unnis’ names are still lacking in the majority society’s history books as well as in the discourses in the art and cultural sectors. This makes their fights even more important! VOLUME UP brings marginalised bodies, affected by discrimination, to the fore. They will glow through self-empowerment in performances, concerts, lectures, workshops, and discursive formats. VOLUME UP for all Unnis. The stage is yours!

An Unni is not a cis-ter, but a sister.
An Unni declares her solidarity and allies in feminism.
An Unni respects us despite the age difference or individual wealth of experience and conducts an exchange with us.
An Unni is a relative, an acquaintance, a friend who does not wait for the majority society to act but who will act independently. She*he mobilises, gathers likeminded people, and makes a grrrrrash (GRRRRR + Crash) to call attention to injustice.
An Unni is somebody whose vocabulary does not consist of “feminism”, “intersectionality”, “plurality” and the like, but who acts on these maxims.


Festival pass

For the VOLUME UP festival we offer festival passes for 25€ / 10€. All festival pass holders receive tickets for performances and workshops at a reduced price of 5€ each. Information & booking HERE.

VOLUME UP is funded by the Kunststiftung NRW.