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Festival · 06. – 22.08.2021


Unheard stories, disregarded knowledge

With VOLUME UP, the festival for unheard stories and disregarded knowledge, tanzhaus nrw wonders how, and also, which historiography determines what people see, hear, know, and think. We, together with several artists, seek ways to uncover what lies submerged, and we want to let other perspectives than those of the dominant central-European forms of knowledge and narrative become louder.
To activate a new relationship with the past, we gather performances that rethink processes of rehabilitation, healing, and recognition. Workshops, conversations and a project that takes a critical look at archiving as a means of a recorded storage of the past. VOLUME UP invites voices of the diaspora that expose historical violence while embodying a sound register of resistance. As a chronicle of history, historiography, like a vinyl record, will be mixed, looped, and scratched – rethought, rewritten, and supplemented. If we lend this sound register of resistance our attention, what does it sound out about the power structures within the dance world? Who is writing the scripts for new narratives in dance?
“Let’s put some noise into the mix!,” say curators Ligia Lewis and Mijke Harmsen, and they put out an enthusiastic invitation for everyone.

Festival pass

We offer festival passes at 25 € / 10 € for the VOLUME UP festival. All festival pass holders receive tickets to performances and workshops at a reduced rate of 5 € each. Info & booking HERE.

Please note: The number of festival passes is limited.

Tip – to listen to: Bettina Masuch, director of tanzhaus nrw talks with WDR 3 Mosaik about VOLUME UP Festival (in German). Click HERE.

VOLUME UP is funded by Kunststiftung NRW.