Flamenco Festival 2022 Grafik
Festival · 14. – 18.04.2022

Flamenco Festival

The 2022 Flamenco Festival presents flamenco as contemporary art and seeks to create a community between artists, dancers, and the audience. The festival, curated by Juan Carlos Lérida, strives to spark enthusiasm for flamenco in a new generation of visitors. Workshops for teens and kids as well as for adult beginners offer ideal entry points into the flamenco universe. On stage, the festival shows the whole range of the scenic and interpretative potential in flamenco; a dance which has been included into the list of the Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. Three German premieres by flamenco stars such as Vanesa Aibar, Sara Cano, Marco Flores, and Eduardo Guerrero will be presented to the audience alongside a new edition of the IM FLAME improvisational format. The 2022 Flamenco Festival takes us on a journey of dance and music, negotiates feminist discourse while entering into a dialogue with other arts and disciplines.