Punctures X tanzhaus nrw

Studio 8
25.02.2024 – 28.04.2024
Der Choreograf Alfredo Zinola befindet sich auf einer dicht bewachsenen Wiese. Er bückt sich zu den dort wachsenden Blumen.

Join us and be part of the Punctures X tanzhaus nrw action day on April 28! Together we want to make a positive contribution to biodiversity on the grounds of tanzhaus nrw. Together with Düsseldorf experts for local habitats and biodiversity, Punctures X tanzhaus nrw invites neighbors, academy participants and the tanzhaus nrw audience to implement an effective action for the immediate surroundings of tanzhaus nrw.

What will happen?

After getting to know each other, we will go out together and change the area. Among other things, we will install bird nests, sow plants and redesign the green strip in front of the building. Afterwards, we will have a free meal together. Afterwards, there will be free tickets for the performance Témoin by Saïdo Lehlouh on the big stage at 18pm.

What do I need to know?

The event is aimed at people of all ages. All materials and equipment will be provided by tanzhaus nrw. Please remember to wear suitable clothing and rainwear if necessary.

Further information

Punctures is a long-term project between art and ecology by three artists, Alfredo Zinola, Micaela Kühn and Maxwell McCarthy, who work in the field of dance and choreography. With the aim of positively influencing landscapes with widespread monocultures through a rich biodiversity, the project began in 2022 with the planting of two abandoned fields in the agricultural plain of Cavallermaggiore, Italy, with a diverse mix of non-crop plants. An essential part of Punctures is to create space and time to bring experiences from the land into the realm of art. A preparatory meeting was held in February to plan and prepare the day of action. Many thanks to Tobias Krause, Commissioner for Biodiversity of the City of Düsseldorf, and Susanne Dickel from platzgrün!, an initiative of Pro Düsseldorf e.V..

More information on participation can be found in the Open Call.

If you are interested, please register by clicking on the form HERE. The project language is English.

Questions about the project can be sent by e-mail to Philipp Schaus:

A project by and with Alfredo Zinola, Micaela Kühn and Maxwell McCarthy.

Supported by the Kunststiftung NRW.