Tap Dance Day Celebration

Foyer, forecourt
Fassade des tanzhaus nrw bei Nacht

Since 1989, Bill “Bojangles” Robinson’s birthday, the 25th of May, has been dedicated to tap dance in the USA. Due to this reason, this year’s Tap Dance Days will already begin on Wednesday, the 25th of May, with a Tap Dance Day Celebration: The festival’s opening day program comprises an open-air performance by the “T.A.P.” project, a communal Shim Sham on tanzhaus nrw’s forecourt, an introduction to the history of Shim Sham, workshops, a footage area, and a book presentation for Sarah Petronio’s Footwork – My Life In Dance, followed by live music, at the foyer.

15:00 – 18:30

Workshops Shim Sham Special


Open Air Performance of the “T.A.P.” project at the forecourt

This year, the “T.A.P. – The Augmented Project / Back In Rhythm” project group under the direction of Daniel Luka – which has become a set part of the Tap Dance Days stage programme over the course of the last ten years – will turn the tanzhaus nrw forecourt into a rhythmic playground. Accompanied by a drummer, a mobile performance comes up with 20 dancers playing together.


Open Air Shim Sham at the forecourt

Bring your board and your shoes! We will traditionally dance the tap dancer enthusiasts’ national anthem together on the tanzhaus nrw forecourt, on the occasion of Tap Dance Day!


book presentation Footwork – My Life In Dance by Sarah Petronio at the foyer


Live music at the foyer