Impro performance


Flamenco meets urban dance
Big stage
Adrian Vega macht einen einhändigen Handstand mitten auf einer Straße.

IM FLAME brings flamenco and urban dance culture together in an improvisational format. With festival actors such as curator Juan Carlos Lérida, musician Daniel Muñoz, dancer Paula Comitre and singer Perrete as well as invited Spanish and local urban dancers Adrian Vega and Factory Artists Yeliz Pazar and Bahar Gökten from collective nutrospektif, an improvisation between the disciplines takes shape. In the middle of the festival, around the flamenco universe, a space emerges that unveils the spontaneous, making room for art in the moment. Between electronic music, elements of urban dance styles and, of course, flamenco itself, the unknown appears. A space takes shape in which strangers get to know each other via the language of music and the body, eventually developing a common understanding. An understanding that defies designation, yet it touches.

Beforehand, participants will show sequences from the workshop lab under the direction of Daniel Muñoz and Paula Comitre.

Duration: 40 min.

Please note: We kindly ask you to arrive early, at least 30 minutes prior to showtime, as admission controls will take time.

Electronic music: Daniel Muñoz; Singing: Perrete; Dance: Adrian Vega, Bahar Gökten, Juan Carlos Lérida, Paula Comitre, Yeliz Pazar.