German Premiere

Leonor Leal

Big Stage
Ein Flamenco Tänzer in weißem Hemd auf der Bühne.

“Before I fall asleep, I close my eyes and watch myself dance. I imagine the movements that sing the space I rule. I save them by sound, and with my body, I tattoo its traces into the air.” This is how Leonor Leal describes her nocturnal thoughts that propel the redefinition of flamenco: Body, rhythm, and guitar tread on new ways with her and two musicians. They call that which gives them insomnia and brings them together at one table in this excursion a common, shared heartbeat. They were aided in this reinterpretation of tradition, not in the least, by choreographer María Muñoz, who is among the leading figures in the Catalan contemporary dance scene.

Leonor Leal succeeded in securing the services of guitarist Alfredo Lagos, who also works with Israel Galván, alongside Antonio Moreno to collaborate with her on her solo. Her works earn her spots at the most important international flamenco festivals, and her unique, daring style secures her place as one of the most sought-after dancers on the flamenco scene.

“Leal flirts with traditional flamenco, time and again erupting from the strict movements (…) a fascinating dance experience which enables the audience to rediscover flamenco in the light of contemporary dance.” Silvia Schütze, “Oberösterreichische Nachrichten“, April 28th, 2017

Duration: 90 min.

Accompanying Programme
Fri 30.03. 19:00 physcial introduction
  discussion afterwards


Direction, Choreography, Dance: Leonor Leal; Director’s Assistant: María Muñoz; Percussion: Antonio Moreno; Guitar: Alfredo Lagos; Sound design: Manu Meñaca; Light design: Carmen Mori; Production, Distribution: Adela Agarín, Compañía Leonor Leal.