Schriftzug Raving Choreographies in neongrüner Schrift auf schwarzem Hintergrund

Raving Choreographies

03.02. - 26.02.2023

Dancing bodies in a rave seek a dissolution of borders, rapture, and ecstasy. Employing Nietzschean terms, those conditions and situations could well be described as Dionysian. The Dionysian, as taken from the Greek god of wine and joy, leaves the form and starts searching for the unknown and new. tanzhaus nrw invited several choreographic perspectives on techno and rave culture that negotiate techno as well as his various sub-genres and dance practices. From the beginnings within Black Detroit communities and with Kraftwerk in Düsseldorf, we look at techno and rave as cultural practices between utopian and queer community, future dystopia, and neoliberal appropriation. We invite you to attend high-energy, boundary-crossing, and hypnotic choreographies, to shared rave experiences and a sound séance with a focus on the body, between supportive community and capitalist isolation. Raving Choreographies probes for the revolutionary potential of blurred days and nights filled with dance.