Eine Statue von einer Frau
Festival · 09. – 31.01.2021


Welcome to the first digital version of TEMPS D’IMAGES, which will simultaneously mark the festival’s 16th edition overall. This year, Choy Ka Fai, Colette Sadler, DIN A 13 tanzcompany, fabien prioville dance company and Simon Senn, teaming with tanzhaus nrw, will dare to take the jump into a new dimension, charting the play margins for contemporary dance in the digital realm. The festival’s central theme, the debate on physical and virtual bodies in dance, thus becomes its topic. TEMPS D’IMAGES reacts to a world changed by COVID-19, shifts the artistic-aesthetic intersection from the body on stage to the body in digital space and presents works that explore this field innovatively. The measuring of digital formats will be accompanied by a probing for new possibilities for international cooperation and new forms in festival programming. Be a part of it all and log in!