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take-off: show off
Big Stage

School performances:

Tickets can be requested via the inquiry button/reservation form. School performances are particularly suitable for schools, but also for daycare centers, kindergartens and other care, educational and leisure facilities. 4 € per child/teenager, accompanying persons have free admission. Additional bookings of a workshop in connection with the school performance are possible for additional 2 € per person.

Family performances:

Tickets can be purchased via our Reservix ticket portal. Family performances are particularly suitable for families and private groups with children and teenagers. 9 € for everyone, further reductions are not possible.

Illustrativ abstahiertes Bühnen-Scheinwerferlicht in rot, weiß und gelb vor hellblauem Hintergrund mit schwarzer Schrift: take-off: show off

last school year, there was much dancing, sweating, and rehearsing. On the big stage at tanzhaus nrw, the partner school students will now show their choreographies, rehearsal impressions, and video works, which they developed in collaboration with the take-off teachers.

Duration: ca. 90 min.

take-off: Junger Tanz Düsseldorf, as a Düsseldorf competence network, enables an anchoring of the dance genre in theatres, schools, and youth centres, in participatory collaboration with professional dance creatives. This entails regular dance lessons for pupils, performance and rehearsal visits at tanzhaus nrw, activities during school breaks, project weeks, research phases on guest performances and productions as well as advanced training courses for teachers. The biannual take-off Festival also stems from the collaboration with the partner institutions Junges Schauspiel, FFT, and Tonhalle.

By and with students of the Theodor-Andresen-Schule, LVR-Gerricus-Schule, LVR-Gerricus-Kita, LVR-Schule am Volksgarten, Katholische Hauptschule Itterstraße, Heinrich-Heine-Gesamtschule, Goethe-Gymnasium, Wim-Wenders-Gymnasium.
Lecturers: Andreas Simon, Annika Wolf, Bouni, Dodzi Dougban, Ivana Kisic, Salvatore Romano, Sonja Reischl and Paolo Fossa.

An event by take-off: Junger Tanz Düsseldorf, supported by the Cultural Office of the State Capital Düsseldorf and the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of NRW.