German premiere

Josh Hilberman

Dances and Stories
Small stage
Der Stepptänzer Josh Hilberman führt eine Tanzbewegung aus, bei er er in die Luft springt und seine beiden Arme nach oben ausstreckt.

In this moving retrospective, Josh Hilberman explores his life in tap dancing through the dances (historical repertoire as well as original works) and dancers (teachers from the golden age of tap dancing) who supported and shaped his artistic vision.

Vaudevillian, melody maker, storyteller, absurdist, provocateur – and always swinging –, Hilberman reflects on the lessons he has learned from some of tap dance's greatest practitioners.  Ultimately, he tells a story about the love of tap.

Duration: ca. 60 min.

Dance and improvisation: Josh Hilberman; choreography: Brenda Bufalino Paul Draper, Josh Hilberman, and Joe Stirling; music: Various artists; lighting: Jep Meléndez.