a dance routine

Big stage
03.11.2023 – 04.11.2023
Portraitfoto des Kollektivs Senzenberger|rieck.
Nahaufnahme von zwei Händen, die sich aneinander festhalten und dabei in die entgegengesetzte Richtung ziehen.

In a dance routine, senzenberger|rieck set out to search for individual-collective moments in the fraught field of different dance routines. What emerges is a dance compiled from commercial, contemporary, and internet dances: A look is taken. Gestures are shown and disintegrate, poses blur. An image, a sign, a trend. A dance shared by many.
With a fascination for ambiguous community creation of digitally circulating choreographies, senzenberger|rieck are dedicated to the learning and appropriating, but also to the inevitable transformation that occurs when movements are rendered between bodies and media. The voids that become visible fill with fragmentary movements and quotes. It becomes palpable how bodies comprise of the accumulated, the assimilated, and the unattained – just like in an archive.
Between closeness and distance, a duet forms, guiding the attention towards two bodies that continually relate to each other, intertwine, grate in synchronicity, building and dismantling boundaries, supporting each other, negotiating the intensity of a grip. The resultant unexpected space of intimacy emerges almost casually.

Miriam Rieck and Katharina Senzenberger began their collective collaboration under the senzenberger|rieck name back in the context of their dance studies at the Cologne University of Music. Both worked at a joint project idea that dealt with body transformations during a two-week residency at tanzhaus nrw in 2021. Since then, the collective has presented digital as well as site-specific works at Lehartheater Bad Ischl, projectroom nails, at tanz.tausch Festival, and at festival tanz nrw. a dance routine represents senzenberger|rieck’s first stage work.

Duration: 60 min.

Acompanying programme
Sat 04.11. Talk after the performance

Backstage with senzenberger|rieck

“Die Routine hat eine Verbindung zur Leistung. Das schließt an den Gedanken an, dass wir auf der Bühne eine Leistung erbringen, die von Publika konsumiert wird. Der Begriff hat generell eine Nähe zum kommerziellen Tanz. Zeitgenössischer Tanz präsentiert sich gerne als herausgelöst aus dem kapitalistischen System. Das verschleiert, dass auch der zeitgenössische Tanz in einen Markt eingebunden ist.”  – Katharina Senzenberger

Read the full Interview (in German)

Concept, choreography, dance: Katharina Senzenberger, Miriam Rieck; music, composition, sound: Isabella Forster; dramaturgy: Valerie Wehrens; lighting design, stage: Renate Mihatsch; costume, outside eye: Judith Förster.
A production by senzenberger|rieck, co-produced by tanzhaus nrw. Supported by the Landesbüro Freie Darstellende Künste NRW and the City of Düsseldorf.