tanzhaus nrw & Ballett am Rhein

Big Stage
24 €, reduced from 9 €
Tänzer*innen von Step by Step sitzen an der Wand in einer Reihe
Eine Person sitzt auf dem Boden. Sie hat mehrere Notizbücher vor sich.

Ballet am Rhein and tanzhaus nrw unite their powers for the STEP BY STEP programme to implement experimental and developmental formats. Ballet company dancers and independent dance artists who regularly work at tanzhaus nrw go into an exchange about ideas, their artistic work and methods, as they form new constellations. There are no predetermined guidelines in non-hierarchic group-driven processes: Be they contemporary, performative, urban, classical on point or crossover – the two day programme at tanzhaus nrw is full of possibility to be shaped by the choreographers and dancers themselves. What do municipal theatre institutions and independent scene have to say to each other? What bridges need to be built? What can we learn from one another? How to question dance, and how to develop it further? Or should we collectively throw ourselves into the deep end? We need experiment, trials, and new arrangements. We need not only brave artists but also an open and curious audience to establish such a fragile, open space. Let us be curious together!

With choreographic works by: Artmann&Duvoisin, Yoav Bosidan, Daniela Georgieva, HARTMANNMUELLER, Nelson Lopez, Neshama Nashman, Virginia Segarra Vidal, Dunkin Seo.

A cooperation of Deutsche Oper am Rhein and tanzhaus nrw.