Open Foyer

Dance like nobody's watching

18.02.2023 – 18.03.2023
Außenansicht auf das Tanzhaus im Dunkeln, beleuchtetes Logo

Dance creates happiness, it lets people come together, makes us forget day-to-day worries, it brings energy and power. tanzhaus nrw, following the season campaign motto May I Hug you?, will regularly open its foyer every first and third Saturday in the month, starting in February, for all those who just want to really dance away. We will invite our neighbours, visitors, participants and everybody else who would like to take part to make tanzhaus nrw their own, beyond the dance class and the performance visit, and to disrupt everyday life with a dance – in a partitioned space beyond consumerism and self-optimisation. We will dance away between 3 pm and 6 pm, to start the weekend or to subsequently return to the individual to-do-lists.

04.03. F-ZEE

F-ZEE is a DJ from Düsseldorf and also no stranger, he has already DJed for e.g. Snipes and RedBull. He was also on tour with the famous German rapper KC Rebell. Currently he is on the road with the Ruff Comedy. F-ZEE is strongly represented in the urban battle dance scene and works in this context also regularly at the tanzhaus nrw.. His music style is crossover from HipHop, RnB and Dancehall to House.


18.03. Magical Grrrl

Magical Grrrl is part of the Get Over It Collective from Düsseldorf. With driving house tracks and ear-catching electropop she captivates the dancefloor. On the dancefloor she wants to see the audience not only dancing, but also experimenting, flirting and enchanted.

Magical Grrrl steht an einem Stehtisch im Foyer des tanzhaus nrw.