German Premiere


Dance is ancient / Frédéric Gies
Big Stage
24.02.2023 – 25.02.2023
Ein fast nackter Performer steht auf einer Bühne und wird von oben durch orangenes Licht angestrahlt. Er hält beide Arme in die Luft und ist mit Seilen aus verschiedenen Materialien eingewickelt.
Ein fast nackter Performer befindet sich auf einer Bühne. Sein Körper ist von Seilen aus mehreren Materialien eingewickelt, die er durch das Schwingen seines Körpers in Bewegung bringt.

Shadowboxing is a piece featuring Frédéric Gies, DJ Fiedel, and the audience. The piece regards club dancing as a vast territory of movement and poetic experimentation. The sheer dancing around in the club crystalises into a special form of dance over the course of the evening. Various bodies and images take shape through the way dance and music are interwoven in club spaces. On stage, Gies’ body becomes a channel for other characters, creatures, and beings that temporarily inhabit the dancefloor.

Techno music has been a central element in Frédéric Gies’ works since 2014 and his encounter with techno DJ and producer Fiedel. Many of the works refer to clubs and raves, be that in the dance itself or in the collective experience to which Gies invites the audience. The practice of technosomatics, developed over the last years and so dubbed by Gies himself, is a practice that connects the physical experiences with club dance. Frédéric Gies’ dance pieces alternate between clockwork composition and great intensity. Gies is interested in the chaos that dancing bodies emanate that give themselves over to their innermost desires and powers.

Frédéric Gies is a dancer and choreographer living in Sweden. They present work nationally and internationally in various contexts (dance festivals, music festivals and museums). Drawing on previous ballet training and specific currents in contemporary dance, experiences on the dance floor in techno clubs and at raves, and the study of somatic practices, Frédéric Gies views forms as possibilities rather than constraints. Gies teaches the practice Technosomatics, which he developed himself, in various contexts.

Duration: 60 min.

Fri 24.02. afterwards Aftershowparty on the Big Stage with Fiedel
Sat 25.02.

Workshop Technosomatics 12:00 – 14:00 Studio 8


Choreography and Performance: Frédéric Gies; Music: Fiedel; Light Design: Thomas Zamolo; Costumes: Grzegorz Matlag.

Produced by SITE. With the support of Kulturrådet. Sponsored by Bündnis Internationaler Produktionshäuser, supported by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.

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03.02. - 26.02.2023