German Premiere

Cie A M A - Anna-Marija Adomaitytė

Pas de deux
Big Stage
03.12.2022 – 04.12.2022
Eine Frau blickt über die Schulter eines Mannes.
Ein Mann und eine Frau tanzen eng aneinander.
Zwei ineinander gefaltete Hände.

Two dancers quietly hold each other in the starting position for a turn. The audience is close to the events happening when the couple on stage starts moving itself. Again and again, repetition after repetition, they execute the initial moment of a turn. The continuous, rhythmic movement becomes a gesture. The audience sees the sweat, the mounting exhaustion, perceives an impatient hand, a fading glance.

Ana-Marija Adomaitytė challenges both classical duet depictions as well constricting norms within couple relationships. The constant repetition of the beginning of a shared movement on the deep blue stage floor also extends to include questions for social inertia, conflict, and opportunity to agree and to reach a collaborative movement.

Lithuanian-born Anna-Marija Adomaitytė studied contemporary dance at Lausanne’s Manufacture, University for the Performing Arts. She currently resides in Geneva and is an associated artist at L’Abri-Genève where she develops choreographic research on the standardisation of gestures and body stamina. Adomaitytė is considered to be a promising up-and-coming voice in contemporary dance; her new piece Pas de deux was chosen as an Aerowaves TOP Twenty 2022.

“Anna-Marija Adomaitytė’s Pas de deux enriches the program at the New Baltic Dance Festival through minimalism. The piece is a painting of choreographic pulse beats that allows us to view the body not as a tool, but as a space.” Dovilė Zavedskaitė

Duration: 50 min.

Concept, choreography: Anna-Marija Adomaitytė; Choreographic writing and performance collaboration: Mélissa Guex, Victor Poltier; Sound and lighting design: Gautier Teuscher; Technical collaboration: Joël Corboz; Administration, production: Gaëlle Marc; Distribution: Olivier Stora; Outside Eye: Pierre Piton.
A production of A M A, co-produced by La Bâtie-Festival de Genève, L'Abri-Genève. With the support of Bourses SSA - Société Suisse des Auteurs pour la création chorégraphique, Pro Helvetia Fondation suisse pour la culture (to be confirmed). Pas de deux has been selected for the Aerowaves network 2022. Supported by  theKunststiftung NRW.