Big Stage
Sängerin Ebow in einem schaut aus einem hellblauen Auto heraus

The world is standing still, breaking into two pieces: Canê is the title of rapper Ebow’s fourth album, a Kurdish word meaning “darling” or “soul”. Not only does Ebow return to her own roots with this, representing Munich and Free Kurdistan. She also gets to the bottom of the contradictory desires that our time holds: Fast cars and political struggle, shy flirts and the eternal search for trouble, Prada bags and protest. Ebow does not have to acquire an alter ego to hide ambivalence. She endures it. The rapper does not have to impersonate that which she is not. Ebow is both: Resistant and hyped, street and softie, highly poetic and not giving a fuck. VOLUME UP for Ebow.

Duration: 60 min.

Musician: Ebow.
VOLUME UP is funded by the Kunststiftung NRW.