caner teker

Small Stage
10.06.2022 – 11.06.2022
caner teker in orangenem Licht von hinten und Personen, die zu ihm rauf schauen

“trans” meaning through, diagonally, across, beyond, over… The trans— performance combines scenarios from autobiographical reference taken from caner teker’s personal experience as a German Turk. Among those are the Istanbul barbers’ rituals, movement research on Zeybek and Horn, two forms of Turkish dance, and the playing of the “gaida” bagpipes. In the orange glow of the sodium vapour lamps, caner teker plows a diagonal path through rituals and somato-political self-destruction.

caner teker addresses body issues in the context of queerness and homosexuality from a post-migrant perspective in trans— and further performative works. The body as a means and as a medium is at the centre of teker’s artistic engagement to scrutinise heteronormative regimes of gaze and institutionalised power dynamics.

“Autobiographic material is invoked here as a toxic-semantic assemblage and must be worked through in order for it to be rearticulated as new material. In the choreographing of the divides in ascriptions of identity, body and the self, caner teker succeeds in her refusal to give in to a post-identity lapse towards branded listlessness.” Kat Mayer

Duration: 30 min.

Concept, choreography, performance: caner teker; Light: caner teker; music editing: Valerie Ace; Music composition: caner teker; Costume: Olivia Ballard; Artistic production: Sofie Luckhardt; Dramaturgy: Lou Drago.
A production by caner teker, co-produced by SNDO - School for New Dance Development, Amsterdam.
VOLUME UP is funded by the Kunststiftung NRW.