World Premiere

tanzhaus nrw & Ballett am Rhein

Big stage
14.05.2022 – 15.05.2022
Drei Tänzer*innen zusammen auf der Bühne
Zwei Tänzer*innen zusammen auf der Bühne
Zwei Tänzer*innen starren sich an auf der Bühne
Ein Tänzer mit ausgestreckten Armen auf einer rot ausgeleuchteten Bühne
Ein Tänzer kopfüber in Spitzenschuhen. Er wird von einem anderen Tänzer gehalten.

By cooperation between tanzhaus nrw and Ballett am Rhein, a format enters its second edition, having originally been created during the last season, and forging a format which wants to redefine itself constantly. STEP BY STEP opens an area for experimentation which brings together the two Düsseldorf institutions, their artists, work methods, and structures. Both dancers from the Ballett am Rhein compagnie as well as the tanzhaus nrw Factory Artists have been invited to develop short choreographed works with the Ballett am Rhein ensemble, and to try their out their own angles. What do municipal theatre and independent scene have to tell each other? Which bridges need to be built? What can we learn from one another? How can we question dance and expand our thinking about it? Within a safe environment and with an openness for unexpected results, STEP BY STEP enables new arrangements and joint attempts. Not only does the establishment of such a vivid space need brave artists, it also requires an open and curious audience. Let us get excited – we will jump into the deep end together!

Accompanying programme
Sat 14.05. afterwards Opening night party

Duration: 120 min, with intermission


On place. Elbow. Wrist. Separate. Walk. Mask. Palm. Hug. Hand to mouth. Wrist. Hands together. Fingers around head. Turn front. Free. Exchange places. Running with mask. Ritenuto. Variations section. Appassionato. Travelling. Mirrored dialogue coming front. Smorzando. Face to face. Embrace.

Choreography: Virginia Segarra Vidal; Music: Frédéric Chopin, edited by Eduardo Boechat; Costumes: Virginia Segarra Vidal. With Mariana Dias, Norma Magalhães.


Ending and Beginning is a farewell dance. Each dancer depicts simultaneously themselves and dance itself. As the dancers depart from the Pas de Deux they bid farewell to dance and take their first steps in life’s new directions.

Choreography: Michael Foster; Costumes: Michael Foster; Music: Johann Sebastian Bach, edited by Eduardo Boechat; Rehearsal assistance : Simone Messmer. With Svetlana Bednenko, Michael Foster.


“If I am not there for myself, who will be here for me then? But for as long as I am by myself, what am I? Also: If not now, when?”  Rabbi Hillel

Choreography: Neshama Nashman; Music: Antonín Dvořák, Dmitri Shostakovich; Costumes: Neshama Nashman. With Daniele Bonelli, Tommaso Calcia.


how a person can be influenced by their surrounding  parents, friends, society  in an extreme way, both in good and bad.

A dream? to a digital world  process of SIMULATION…

Obsession  feminine energy  Controlling
Aggression  masculine energy  Violent
Suffering  in search for perfection
Hope  subject found.

Cycle of Seed and Fruit.
Essential to balance between Control – Strength/ Structure – Freedom

Choreography: Dukin Seo, Wun Sze Chan; Music: Nosaj Thing; Concept, costumes, stage: Dukin Seo, Wun Sze Chan. WithDoris Becker, Evan L’Hirondelle, Niklas Jendrics, Dukin Seo, Courtney Skalnik, Kauan Soares, Damián Torío.


This is not a piece. 
This is an artistic encounter between very different ways of working with dance. Our place of encounter was the floor of a dance studio, we had in total just 20 hours. The goal was to avoid hierarchy, and on a respectful and peer to peer level propose everything that was rumoring in our hearts and our minds.
What you will see today is an insight, nothing is fixed, but… (at least) the weirdness is consistent.

From and with: Bahar Gökten, Yeliz Pazar, Emilia Peredo Aguirre, Julio Morel, Eric White, Alfredo
Zinola; Music: Byetone, Logic1000, Carlos Torres Vila.


"How do you know that the person you were one second ago, is the same person that you are right now?” From the movie Perfect Blue by Satoshi Kon

Choreography: Daniel Smith; Musik: Lost Girls (Jenny Hval and Håvard Volden); Costumes: Daniel Smith. With Marié Shimada, Daniel Smith.


We become engulfed in never ending cycles, aimlessly guiding ourselves towards the hope of blissful fulfilment and with each repetition , if we are lucky, we slowly kill off the parts of ourselves that we deem no longer worthy of our journey. And by the end, all that we are left with is the salvation of an eventual forgetful disappearance all together.

Choreography: James Nix; Music: Amar. With Pedro Maricato, Miquel Martínez Pedro, Clara Nougué-Cazenave.

From and with: Alfredo Zinola, Bahar Gökten, Emilia Peredo Aguirre, Daniel Smith, Dukin Seo, James Nix, Michael Foster, Neshama Nashman, Virginia Segarra Vidal, Wun Sze Chan, Yeliz Pazar, Yoav Bosidan; Dance: Dancers of the ensemble of Ballett am Rhein.
A cooperation of the Deutsche Oper am Rhein and the tanzhaus nrw.