NUTRO 10 – eine nutrospektive

Big Stage
Die fünf Choreograph*innen des Kollektivs nutrospektif im Portrait

The nutrospektif collective has been Factory Artist at tanzhaus nrw since 2020 and will celebrate its ten-year anniversary with NUTRO 10. This jubilee serves as the occasion to do a nutrospective and to issue an invitation to celebrate together! Waiting for the audience is a reflective and moving portrait, inspired by the collective’s history: A narrative about a collectivist quest for identity and the force of self-empowerment in the conflict between urban dance cultures and artistic vision. It is essential for the five artists to specifically observe (spektif) the inner core (nutro) time and again, to regain the perspective from one’s own dance cultural identity on which to draw artistically.

“Who are you then, nutrospektif?” – During a two-week tanzhaus nrw residency, the collective entered into a reflexive process about its 10-year existence, and it would like to share this with the audience in a performative, interactive festival, thriving in communicative elements. From retrospective to perspective to prospective! Again and again, fragments of works past, educational drafts, experimental working methods, activist aims, and research designs resurface in this performative party. From the vantage point of individual artists, the collective notes its own collective career, sharing this with the audience. And there will surely also be cake and a surprise here and there.

Duration: 75 – 90 min.
Attention: loud music

You will receive a 50% discount on the normal price of admission if visiting multiple Factory Finale events.

By and with: nutrospektif (Bahar Gökten, Daniela Mba, Daniela Rodriguez-Romero, Frieda Frost, Yeliz Pazar) and guests.