Die Deyiş-Gesänge des Alevit*innentums / Wege der Erkenntnis und die Einheit der Existenz


with Ali Rıza Orman, featuring musical accompaniment by Onur Kocamaz

During the spiritual service of semah that is carried out during the Cem ceremony, a bond is forged between movement, music, and the poetry of ‘Deyiş’ that is performed as song. The traditional long-necked lute Saz, and sometimes the shorter bağlama, play a central role in this. They form a connection between bodies, rhythm, and language that communicates a deep mystic symbolism in Alevi tradition. In this sharing with Ali Rıza Orman that bridges dialogue, narration, and song, the ideas of ‘Varligin Birligi’ and ‘4 Kapı, 40 Makam’ will be introduced; concepts that tell of the unity of all existence in being and the lifelong quest for spiritual enlightenment through self-recognition in Alevi faith. How do these philosophical ideas come into effect in everyday life? Alongside the introduction of two ‘Deyiş’, the music performed by Onur Kocamaz creates a sounding encounter with the sung narratives of Alevism.

Talk in Turkish with German translation.

Duration: 90 min. / in Turkish with German translation

The talk takes place as part of Turna/Kranich. Bis die Füße sich vom Boden lösen und der Kranich sich zum Himmel aufschwingt von Özlem Alkış, which will be presented at tanzhaus nrw on 02.10.