Lecture + Talk

Alevitische Philosophie(n) und religiöse Praktiken

with Yılmaz Kahraman

Alevi communities live dispersed into numerous national and regional contexts. Therefore, centuries-old philosophical teachings and religious traditions, the pillars of spiritual life, move in a constant dynamism between conservation and renewal. Two topics form this talk’s focus in which Yılmaz Kahraman dedicates himself to the many facets of Alevi religion, culture, and their personal stories from the diaspora – in a format that is part lecture, part dialogue. Following an introduction into Alevi spiritual doctrine and practice, he will take a reminiscing look at the long history of persecution that goes back to the times of the Ottoman Empire.

Duration: 120 min.

This events is takes places as part of  Turna/Kranich. Bis die Füße sich vom Boden lösen und der Kranich sich zum Himmel aufschwingt von Özlem Alkış, which is presented at tanzhaus nrw on 02.10.