DJ Session

Justin Kennedy & Ligia Lewis

broken mix for survival

Following the Still Not Still  performance, Justin Kennedy and Ligia Lewis will create a sonic experience, a broken mix for survival.

Justin Kennedy is a dance and vocal artist, teacher and DJ. With a playful and collaborative approach, his research develops from the experience and analysis of trance dancing and its further possible translation into workshops, science fiction operas, durational dance installations, and film.

Ligia Lewis works as a choreographer and dancer. Currently, she is interested in a kind of psychic stasis – a space to stop business as usual and to create a space to reflect upon that which haunts our intimate present. Ligia Lewis's latest works are shaped in large part by black feminisms, and black scholarship from scholars working within the black diaspora, and particularly within the Americas, but are also shaped by life, friendship, chance encounters, and other experimental practices. Ligia Lewis was a tanzhaus nrw Factory Artist and won numerous awards, most recently the Tabori prize.

Please note: Taking part in this event can only happen with a valid negative Covid-test result (bestätigter negativer Corona-Schnelltest) that can be no older than 48h or proof of immunization due to vaccination or recovery.

VOLUME UP is funded by Kunststiftung NRW.

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Festival · 06. – 22.08.2021


Unheard stories, disregarded knowledge