World premiere


fabien prioville dance company
10.01.2021 – 29.01.2021
Eine Frau blickt direkt in die Kamera, ihr Gesicht ist nur zu Hälfte zu erkennen.

“The ZOOMOLOGISTS” is a multi-perspective research about digital multiplication to the point of the dissolution of the performative body. Five dancers* expand the audience’s conventional perspective via Zoom, locked unto their private surroundings, which becomes the new stage for their individual performances. By means of their playing with multiple cameras, the dancers* create an almost voyeuristic permeation of an unknown space, reminiscent of surveillance mechanisms.

Created during the COVID-19 pandemic, “The ZOOMOLOGISTS” enquires about the artistic options the prevailing meeting platforms offer. For TEMPS D’IMAGES’s current festival edition, the artists* are going to shape a new version that will be recorded in one take to be streamed later.

Fabien Prioville has been concentrating his artistic work on the interface of dance and new technologies for the last few years. He has been especially busy with virtual reality installations and dance tech performances. This yielded “Experiment on Chatting Bodies” (2012) and “The Smartphone Project” (2013), among others. The most recent VR installation project “Rendez-Vous”, which premiered at tanzhaus nrw in 2018, expanded the company’s reach into the digital world once again. For these approaches, the company will receive the Support Grant for Excellence of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia from 2021 onwards.

Duration: 30 Min. / contains English 

Please note: After booking you’ll receive the link to the event shortly before the performance starts.

Accompanying programme
Sun 10.01. talk with the artists afterwards via Zoom


Concept: Fabien Prioville, Silvia Werner; Choreography: Fabien Prioville; Dance: Zuzana Zahradnikova, Anna Sühelya Harms, Evan Schwarz, Leónor Clary, Fabien Prioville; Music: Otacilio Melgaco; Technical realization: Christoph Vogel, LavaLabs; Production management: Hannah Busch; Management, PR: Alexandra Schmidt.
The project was implemented through Reload Stipendium from Kulturstiftung des Bundes.