CANCELLED: Filmreihe

Von Jérôme Bel zu Isadora Duncan und zurück
15.11.2020 – 29.11.2020

In the context of the “Isadora Duncan” performance and in collaboration with tanzhaus nrw, the Düsseldorf Filmmuseum will present a film series showing works by filmmakers Karel Reisz and Damien Manivel and including a film retrospective by Jérôme Bel – dedicated to the two dance giants. The three films provide insight in the choreography practice and biographies of Isadora Duncan and Jérôme Bel, putting them in context with current discourse of their and our own times, questioning the possibilities of debating the past: Treatment of an archive, fiction and experiment cross over the duration of three discourse film evenings.

Please find more information and purchase your tickets at BLACK BOX – Kino im Filmmuseum

Sun 15.11. 17:30 Rétrospective
The French choreographer places the most important scenes of his works in chronological order. This new construct concentrates on the important connection of dance and politics, so important to his work.

Sat 21.11. 18:45  Les Enfants d'Isadora
Following the accidental death of both her children in April of 1913, Isadora Duncan choreographed a solo titled “The Mother”, wherein she attempted to exorcise this traumatic experience in tender movement magic. A century later, four very different female dancers face the artistic heritage of a personal tragedy.

Sun 29.11. 15:00 Isadora
A poignant and compelling biopic about the American dancer and choreographer Isadora Duncan (1878 – 1927). Karl Reisz’s film “Isadora” tells the story of her love attachments, her decidedly liberal spirit, the loss of her children, her successes on the stages in Moscow and Paris, but also of her scandals and of being an outsider.

This film series is a collaboration between the Filmmuseum Düsseldorf and tanzhaus nrw. Curator: Cis Bierinckx

RÉTROSPECTIVE: FR-D-CH 2019 – 83´ – OmeU – digitalDCP – FSK16 – R/B Jérôme Bel. LES ENFANTS D´ISADORA: F-KR 2019 – 84´ – OmU – digitalDCP – R: Damien Manivel – B: Damien Manivel, Julien Dieudonné – K: Noé Bach – D: Agathe Bomitzer, Manon Carpentier, Marika Rizzi, Els Wolliaston. ISADORA: GB 1968 – 131´– OmfU – 35mm – R: Karel Reisz – B: Melvyn Bragg, Clive Exton, István Békeffy, Margaret Drabble – K: Larry Pizer – D: Vanessa Redgrave, Jason Robards, Ivan Tschenko, James Fox u.a.