World premiere

Cia. Jose Manuel Álvarez

Big stage
09.10.2020 – 10.10.2020
Ein Flamenco-Tänzer und ein Gitarrist performen auf einer Bühne
Ein Flamenco-Tänzer und zwei Musiker performen auf einer Bühne
Ein Tänzer steht auf einem Feld mit Holzkreuzen und streckt beide Arme in die Lüfte.

Sevilla-born Jose Manuel Álvarez ventures to undertake an approximation to different modes of expression found in Flamenco with “Cruces”. In it, he explores different artistic forms of expression and their staging on the scene as well as Flamenco in all its everyday manifestations. The four main components dance, song, guitar and percussion break the traditional hierarchy of Flamenco codes and enter into a dialogue. Together, they search for a meeting space, for an equilibrium that makes the transparency of Flamenco recognisable and which helps in the approach of its intimacy.
Jose Manuel Álvarez worked with dancers* and choreographers* such as Marco Flores, Olga Pericet, Juan Carlos Lérida and Guillermo Wieckert. As a dancer, he participated on tours by well-respected artists*, leading him through Europe and Asia. He has been working as a choreographer himself since 2014.

Duration: 70 Min.

Accompanying programme

Sat 10.10. talk with Susanne Zellinger afterwards
Sat 10.10. + Sun 11.10. Workshop „Flamenco: dance“ with Jose Manuel Álvarez
Sat 10.10 + Sun 11.10. Workshop „Flamenco: guitar“ with José Almarcha

Concept: Jose Manuel Álvarez and Marta Piñol; Artistic direction: José Manuel Álvarez; Director: Marta Piñol; Dance: Jose Manuel Álvarez; Original Music: José Almarcha; Singer: Pepe de Pura; Guitar: José Almarcha; Percussion: Lucas Balbo; Choreografical consulting: Carmen Muñoz ; Lighting design: Olga García (A.A.I.); Sound design: Pepe Cervera; Sound space: Carlos Cuenca; Off-voice and project support: Susanne Zellinger; Video: Marta Romero.
Produced by Flamenco Projects, co-produced by tanzhaus nrw and
Dansa Quinzena Metropolitana..