Louise Lecavalier / Fou glorieux

Big stage
14.02.2020 – 15.02.2020
Tanzende blonde Frau in der Mitte einer Bühne
Platinblonde Frau in einer Tanzpose, die ikonografisch an den Sacre erinnert
Frau in einer Art Barrel Jump, einer Art Rotation, die an einer Pirouette erinnert
Blonde Tänzerin, die sehr schnell zu tanzen scheint.

Like a “gladiator always drawn back into the arena”, Louise Lecavalier, driven by a vital impulse, throws herself into dance with body and soul. With this, the Canadian choreographer intends to do nothing less than to renew dance.
Through four stations that may point to the cyclical return of the four seasons or the infinite breadth of the compass points, she treads her path as a soloist, always on a quest for her own inner truth. Pensive in one moment, obsessed in the next, brute or fluid – her body grasps for constantly new conditions as if they were nourishment for sheer survival. Louise Lecavalier creates a dance in which vertiginous gyration turns around a firm point of reference while remaining light and alert. She herself finds a source of female* power in this, carried by the sounds of jazz saxophonist Colin Stetson and other musicians.
Louise Lecavalier gained recognition for the overwhelming, energetic dance style she developed in collaboration with La La La Human Steps and Édouard Lock during the 1990s. Works from this period now enjoy cult status – not least because she shared the stage with David Bowie and Frank Zappa. Louise Lecavalier set up her own company in 2006, going on to create her first feature-length piece titled “So Blue” in 2012, followed by “Battleground” four years later. Both works premiered at tanzhaus nrw.

Duration: 60 min.

Accompanying programme
Sat 15.02. 19:00 Physical Introduction

Choreography, dance: Louise Lecavalier; Sample line, artistic assistance: France Bruyère; Music: Colin Stetson et al.; Lighting design: Alain Lortie; Stage design (advice): Marc-André Coulombe; Costumes: Yso.
An production by Fou glorieux, co-produced by tanzhaus nrw, HELLERAU Europäisches Zentrum der Künste – Dresden, Festival TransAmériques Montreal, Harbourfront Centre Toronto, Usine C Montreal, National Arts Centre Ottawa and Diffusion Hector-Charland L’Assomption. Fou glorieux is supported by Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, Canada Council for the Arts and Montreal Arts Council. An event in the framework of Bündnis internationaler Produktionshäuser, funded by Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien.