featuring works by Marie Zoe Buchholz, Caner Teker as well as Pooyesh Frozandeh, Narges Moghimi and Negar Foroughanfar

Now & Next
Small stage & studio 6
05.11.2019 – 06.11.2019
ine Performerin sitzt auf einem Hocker, eine zweite steht hinter ihr. Beide sind schwarz gekleidet und haben einen weißen Kragen um den Kopf.

The platform for up-and-coming North Rhine-Westphalian artists shows initial works and projects by young regional dance creators.
Singer, dancer and performer Marie Zoe Buchholz, who has long been contributing to tanzhaus nrw’s urban dance department and who is also a House of Melody founding member, presents her research on the persona of the witch in the performance FEMINA SAGA. Between the horror of the historical witch hunts and current debates like #metoo, she imbues the witch with new meaning. In doing so, she unites dance, poetry, singing and costumes. Her comprehensive gaze feeds on references towards magic and myth, marginalisation, sexism, feminism and female spirituality, channelling and staging it in a powerful narrative.
Apart from influences drawn from queer subculture, the body as a field of self-experimentation and performative possibilities of representation, Caner Teker, Arts Academy Düsseldorf graduate, also works with mixed martial arts. The mingling of martial arts styles with the traditional Turkish sport of oil wrestling, Kirkpinar in Turkish, lead to the performance KIRKPINAR (Prelude / Araştırma). Caner Teker, in a duet, develops practices along those benchmarks, practices to break these hyper-masculine spaces and aesthetics. This subtle infiltration of representation politics opens a space for vulnerability and intimacy as well as for queer concepts of bodies and relationships.
In “REDUNDANZ” the trio around the director Pooyesh Frozandeh and the performers Narges Moghimi and Negar Foroughanfar (photo) plays with the expectations of the audience.

Duration: 90 min.

Accompanying programme
Wed 06.11. afterwards talk

The research for KIRKPINAR (Prelude / Araştırma) is supported by Kunst- und Kulturstiftung der Stadtsparkasse Düsseldorf. Now & Next is funded by Kulturamt der Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf.