Anna Till & Katia Manjate

Life in Numbers
Small stage
19.10.2019 – 20.10.2019
Schwarze Frau zeiht weoiße Frau. Beide sind auf der Bühne und wir schauen seitlich auf die beiden Tänzerinnen

One look at the statistics tells us your date of birth, the amount of money in your bank account, how many children you have, the number of residents of your city, how many times you are on the phone per day, how much time you spend sleeping, how many friends and relatives you have, the price of butter, the dimensions of your house, how many days you attend church in a year, and many more things. Hailing from Mozambique’s capital of Maputo, choreographer Katia Manjate and Dresden choreographer Anna Till gave extensive attention to statistics for their new work: For a loaf of bread, they pay 52 Meticais or 3 Euros, Katia will live to be 62,3 years old, Anna 83,5. They measure 1,68 and 1,54 meters each. Katia will bear 5,24 children, Anna 1,5. Their monthly income will be 31 Euros or 3,224 Euros, respectively. Katia’s day has 7,7 sun hours, Anna’s has 4,6. Approximately, averaging, statistically speaking.
“Life in Numbers” is the first collaborative effort by Katia Manjate and Anna Till. The starting points are taken from their respective realities in life: Age, gender and vocation are the same – yet the conditions under which they live are vastly different. “Life in Numbers”, accompanied by live music provided by Jorge Domingos and Johannes Till, asks for the relevance and the effects of statistic comparison. What do the numbers tell about us and the world which we live in? On what grounds do we compare two realities in life?
The artists met during the international artist project “Shifting Realities” that supported the encounter and exchange between 14 promising up-and-coming German and African choreographers. Internationally acclaimed Mozambican choreographer Panaibra Gabriel Canda dramaturgically conducted this production.

Duration: 45 min. / in English

Zwei Tänzerinnen, die wir nur von hinten sehen.
Zwei Tänzerinnen von hinten auf der Bühne
Eine schwarze Tänzerin unjd eine weiße Tänzerin hjocken auf dem Bühnenboden. Sie haben sich dabei angefasst und schauen in verschiedene Richtungen.

Dance, Choreography: Katja Manjate, Anna Till; Music, Composition: Jorge Domingos, Johannes Till; Dramaturgy: Panaibra Gabriel Canda; Text and speech coaching: Nora Otte; Technical direction, lighting design: Martin Mulik; Costumes: Konstanze Grotkopp; Head of production, Mosambik: Panaibra Gabriel Canda/CulturArte; Head of production, Germany: Bettina Lehmann/ situation productions. Produced by situation productions and CulturArte, co-produced by HELLERAU – Europäisches Zentrum der Künste Dresden, tanzhaus nrw, Centro Cultural Mocambicano Alemao CCMA, Goethe Zentrum Maputo and KINANI – International Contemporary Dance Platform Maputo. With the friendly support of Internationalen Koproduktionsfonds des Goethe-Instituts. Funded by Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen. Co-financed with tax money on the basis of the budget of Sächsischen Landtag.