Nick Power

Between Tiny Cities
Big Stage
07.09.2019 – 09.09.2019
Nick Power „Between Tiny Cities“
Nick Power „Between Tiny Cities“
Nick Power „Between Tiny Cities“

Two dancers circle, gaze firmly fixed on each other. Erak Mith from Phnom Penh and Aaron Lim from Darwin use rituals and hip-hop culture language to lend visibility to the differences in their lives’ realities. At the same time, the connections between them become clear. “Between Tiny Cities”, by renowned Australian hip-hop dancer and choreographer Nick Power, thrives on the raw and wild energy in breakdance battles and virtuosic improvisations. The duet offers a personal perspective on dance styles, culture and origin, accompanied by Jack Prest’s driving, yet never dominating beats.

Duration: 40 Min.

Please note: There is no seating during the performance.

Accompanying Programme
Sun 08.09. special circle session afterwards


Choreography: Nick Power; Dance: Aaron Lim, Erak Mith; Sounddesign: Jack Prest; Stage, Light: Bosco Shaw; Dramaturgy: Lee Wilson; Artistic Management: Britt Guy – ACCOMPLICE; Tourmanagement: Harley Stumm – Intimate Spectacle.

A production by Nick Power and Intimate Spectacle, funded by the Australian government, Catalyst – Australian Arts & Culture Fund, Australia Council for the Arts and Artback NT und Accomplice.