German Premiere

Rhizomatiks Research / ELEVENPLAY / Kyle McDonald

discrete figures 2019
Big Stage
29.03.2019 – 31.03.2019
Mehrere Tänzerinnen in Bewegung, im Hintergrund Leinwandprojektionen.


Human performers meet computer-generated bodies, calculated visualisations of movement meet flitting drones! Artificial intelligence and self-learning machines make this previously unseen palette of movement designs appear, designs that far transcend the boundaries of human articulateness, allowing for a deep glimpse into the abstract world of data processing. Mathematicians, dancers, media artists and software engineers set out on a quest for a sensual transformation of mathematics. The result will be breath-taking, implemented beautifully, in short: Presented in a grand manner. The Rhizomatiks Research team, led by Japanese artist, programmer, interaction designer and DJ Daito Manabe, gathers collective power with a number of experts, among them the five ELEVENPLAY dancers of choreographer MIKIKO as well as from coding artist Kyle McDonald. They see their efforts as a “physical manifestation of mathematics”. Inspired by visionary mathematician and the father of the computer, Alan Touring, they are driven by the question why perception, realisation and discernment are only understood as human abilities and how these attributions may blur, dwindle or even dissolve in the future.

Rhizomatiks Research have already collaborated with, among others, Björk, for whom they created the first 360° virtual reality concert, as well as for Japanese techno pop band Perfume. Daito Manabe and MIKIKO are slated to work for the opening of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, whereas Daito Manabe already created an artistic sensation at the passing of the torch in Rio de Janeiro in 2016. Kyle McDonald is a coding artist developing open source toolkits geared for the art world, allowing artists creative algorithm handling.


Duration: 60 min.

Performance: Kohmen, Saya , Maru, Emmy, Yu (Elevenplay); Choreography: MIKIKO; Artistic Management, Music, Light, Interaction Design, Software Engineering: Daito Manabe; Technical Management, Hardware Engineering: Motoi Ishibashi; Machine Learning Direction: Kyle McDonald; Machine Learning: Yuta Asai; Network Programming: 2bit; Projection, Software Engineering: Yuya Hanai; Music: Daito Manabe / Hopebox / Kotringo / Krakaur / Setsuya Kurotaki / Seiho; Videography: Muryo Homma; Stage: Momoko Nishimoto; Motion Capture: Tatsuya Ishii und Saki Ishikawa.;;
A production by Rhizomatiks co., ltd. The guest performance is funded by the Japan Foundation in the framework of the programme PAJ. The 2019 version was developed in cooperation with tanzhaus nrw.

Ein Darsteller steht einem Roboterarm gegenüber.
Festival · 13. – 31.03.2019


The Human-Machine-Festival