Huang Yi
Big Stage
22.03.2019 – 23.03.2019
Ein Darsteller steht einem Roboterarm gegenüber.

Taiwanese dancer, choreographer and inventor Huang Yi asks an industry robot for a dance. Its name: KUKA. This robotic arm, owned by the Kuka company, is highly efficient – and constitutes a danger zone for us humans. Despite riding along its programmed paths with utmost precision, it cannot see what is happening in its surroundings or react to unforeseen obstacles, unlike a human being.  Huang Yi composes a new stage world for KUKA, one in which everything passes in harmony between human and machine. KUKA’s movements expand into this space via a gleaming laser beam, its movements programmed for a duet with Huang Yi. Their togetherness complemented by dancers Hu Chien and Lin Jou-Wen, they succeed in creating a highly poetic encounter beyond the halls of industrial production, where a decision can no longer be reached as to who might be designated the innovative technician or the unerring precision-attuned machine. At the same time, this fascinating duet between a dancer and his robotic friend, a friend he has always wished for, bears new questions: Can there be affection and nearness between a human and an artificial being?

“HUANG YI & KUKA”, a robot performance that went on to win numerous awards, opened Ars Electronica in Linz in 2013 as well as the Vancouver TED conference in 2017.

Duration 65 min. Attention: Laser beams and strobe effects.

Choreography: Huang Yi; Dance: Huang Yi, Hu Chien, Lin Jou-Wen; Technical Director: Cheng Hao-Ting; Technical Assistant: Li Yuan-Hao, Luo Sih-Wei; Tour-Management: Yeh Ichun. A production by Huang Yi Studio +, developed by 3LD Art & Technology Center, in cooperation with Sozo Artists. Commissioned by Quanta Arts Fondation. Thanks to Kuka Robot Automation Taiwan Co. Ltd., Kuka Robots Corp. (USA), Quanta Arts Fondation, Cloud Gate Theatre, LMF Dance Fund, National Theater Taiwan, Asia Cultural Council, Minister of Culture Taiwan, 3-Legged Dog, Mr Wen-Hung Kao, Ms Kuang Hui An und iMakr New York City.


Ein Darsteller steht einem Roboterarm gegenüber.
Festival · 13. – 31.03.2019


The Human-Machine-Festival