German Premiere


Eduardo Guerrero
Big Stage
31.03.2018 – 01.04.2018
Ein Flamenco Tänzer auf der Bühne.

“Know your enemy and yourself, and you shall not be defeated once in a hundred battles.” Eduardo, 2017 hopeful of the yearbook of trade magazine tanz and known as, amongst other things, dancer with Eva La Yerbabuena and Rocio Molina, takes his family name – Spanish for “warrior” – as the starting point for a powerful, still intimate approach to dance. He was inspired by Chinese general Sun Tzu, who created a masterpiece with “The Art of War”, a tome consulted by managers and military strategists to this day.

The archetypical warrior is not unknown in the world of flamenco. Dancer and choreographer Eduardo Guerrero transfers Sun Tzu’s battlefield teachings onto the field of life’s battles, or more precisely: Onto the field of the battle of the sexes. Female figures such as the mother, the lover or friend become partners and adversaries in this “one man show”. Ably staged, Eduardo Guerrero narrates a story of love, acceptance and power with the means of flamenco employing an array of costumes that gradually redraw his identity. Anabel Rivera and Sandra Zarzana, two outstanding singers, as well as the equally virtuosic Javier Ibáñez and Juan J. Alba frame this battle of emotions.

Duration: 70 min.

Accompanying Programme
Sun 01.04. 19:00 physical introduction
  discussion afterwards


Idea, Direction, Choreography: Eduardo Guerrero; Dance: Eduardo Guerrero; Music, Guitar: Javier Ibáñez, Juan J. Alba; Voice: Anabel Rivera, Sandra Zarzana, Samara; Technical Management: Felix Vazquez; Light Design: Antonio Valiente Montanez; Costumes: Taller Torres Cosano; Management: Clara Castro.