Daniel Luka & Xenorama

Big Stage
19.01.2018 – 20.01.2018
Ein Stepptänzer spärlich beleuchtet auf einer dunklen Bühne.

The dancer’s foot rises, falls to the floor. The short clicking of the soles continues in waves of light, as if a stone drops into water. Daniel Luka, known for his border-crossing tap dance choreographies, provides an afterlife to steps and their sound, much longer as the soles’ clicking alone could: Together with collective Xenorama, a light and sound composition emerges, adding ever new layers of sound, light and video to the dancers’ movements and sounds. 

“Resonance” is not the first feature-length production by Daniel Luka and his companions Ana Gudiño Aguilar and Nikolai Kemeny. Yet it opens surprising and new dimensions of collaboration through the musical live composition by Roman Babik and DJ Tim Georg as well as with the lighting, courtesy of team Xenorama. Daniel Luka on his work: ”As a tap dancer, I express my personality in my dance, choosing each movement to produce a certain sound. Expressing myself also means to serve the sounds and to transport my innermost feelings to the surface.”

Duration: 60 min.

Concept: Daniel Luka, Xenorama; Choreography: Daniel Luka; Dance, Improvisation: Ana Gudiño Aguilar, Daniel Luka, Nikolai Kemeny; Music: Roman Babik (Piano & Keyboards), Tim Georg Heinze (Sounds & Electronics); Projection Mapping, Light Design, Visualisation: Marcel Bückner, Lorenz Potthast, Moritz Janis Richartz; Composition, Arrangement: Roman Babik, Daniel Luka, Bill Evans; Sound Design: Tim Georg Heinze; Stage Design: Moritz Janis Richartz; Dramaturgical Consultation: Sarah Petronio, Heinz Voss.

A production by Daniel Luka and Xenorama, coproduced by tanzhaus nrw in cooperation with Xenorama. Supported by the Kulturamt der Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf and the EU-Projekt »The People's Smart Sculpture« with means of the programme Creative Europe of the European Union. With kind support from Neumann&Müller and the Hochschule Düsseldorf.