Tanzende Menschen im Raum.


Just to be clear: To sum up contemporary dance adequately, and in a limited number of words at that, that is simply impossible. Contemporary dance defies a clear categorisation as one could apply it to modern dance, and maybe that just is its characteristic trait: Its openness. The different varieties of contemporary dance are diverse and put into question, for example, traditional body images in dance, different concepts of dance technique and modes of work and agency. Depending on each teacher, choreographer, dancer and respective individual artistic and cultural backgrounds, another form of contemporary dance occurs. This may, at first, sound confusing to people who are not active as professional dancers, yet: Contemporary dance expands your capabilities such as empathy and mindfulness, of being able to situate oneself within a space and being together with other dancers. There is no right or wrong here. Have faith! Just go ahead and try it out!


Alesandra Seutin und Stephanie Thiersch, zwei tanzschaffende Frauen nebeneinander auf einem Foto

Alesandra Seutin & Stephanie Thiersch

Alesandra Seutin is an award-winning multidisciplinary performance artist and creator, whose focus is exploring movement as a foundation for theatre, media and site-specific works. The daughter of South African and Belgian parents, Alesandra was born in Harare, Zimbabwe. She calls herself an 'Afropean'. An inspirational leader with a multifaceted career spanning two decades, she has reached global audiences through her work as an artistic director, choreographer, performer, mentor, teacher, movement director, dramaturg and writer for performance and music. As a successor to Germaine Acogny, Alesandra is co-director of the Ecole des Sables in Senegal.

Director and choreographer Stephanie Thiersch is the founder and artistic director of MOUVOIR and is one of the most versatile in her field in Germany. Thiersch sees her choreographic work in a broader understanding of interdisciplinary movement research, which initially includes new media and visual arts and currently above all music into her choreographic thinking. She works closely with the dancers in her company, whose backgrounds and dance styles are rather versatile. As the relationship between music and movement plays a fundamental role in the creation of her pieces, she enters into intensive artistic alliances with composers and musicians (Brigitta Muntendorf, Asasello Quartet, Les Siècles Orchestra or DJ Elephant Power, Dodo NKishi). Her visual choreographic language includes concrete ideas for the stage, costume design and lighting design into the scenic realization.

Frau mit offenen langen dunklen Haaren und einem bunten Oberteil vor grauem Hintergrund schaut freundlich in die Kamera

Amanda Romero

Amanda Romero is a Peruvian performer and choreographer living in Cologne. After studying dance at the HfMT Cologne, she worked as a dancer in Hamburg and as a choreographer in various theatres in NRW. As co-founder of the collective Dencuentro, together with Greta Salgado and Constanza Ruiz, she jointly developed methods for artistic collective work, developed a dance production and several mediation formats. Her current research focuses on movement and dance as a practice of resistance against ecological colonisation and as a medium to heal the wounded relationship between the human species and the ecosystem. She includes landscapes, "more-than-human" creatures in her work and recently presented this research at IMPACT23, PACT Zollverein. Amanda has been gaining experience in teaching dance since 2018 in schools, youth centres and dance schools.
Webseite: https://amanda-romero.com/

Blick durch das Fenster in ein Studio des tanzhaus nrw.

Ayaka Nakama

Born in Oita Prefecture in 1992, Nakama is a dancer based in Kobe, Japan. After training at the Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance (London) she took part as a scholarship student in a dance study program in Kobe organized by the Agency for Cultural Affairs and NPO Dance Box. She has worked with Mika Kurosawa, Reina Kimura, contact Gonzo and Toshiki Okada (chelfitsch) among others. While committed to the way the body is choreographed by someone or something, she pursues a phenomenon that she believes can only be called dance. In recent years she has been actively focused on the creation of her own works. Her work Freeway Dance (2019), which premiered at Dance Box, has since been presented at Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama 2020 (TPAM 2020), Kyoto Experiment 2021 Spring, Kunstenfestivaldesarts (2021) and Center Pompidou (2021) among others. From 2018 to 2020 she was an associate artist at Dance Box. In 2022, she won the 16th Kobe Nagata Culture Encouragement Prize. She is a Saison Foundation ‘Saison Fellow I’ from 2022-2023.

Eine Frau in schwarzer Kleidung und schwarzem Kopftuch vor hellem Hintergrund

Ayu Permata Sari

Ayu Permata Sari is a choreographer and dancer from North Lampung, Indonesia. She earned her bachelor's degree in dance creation in 2010-2014 at ISI Yogyakarta, Indonesia and her master of arts degree at the same campus in 2014-2016. Ayu founded Ayu Permata Dance Project as a platform to encourage herself and her collaborators in developing their practice. Since 2020 Ayu has focused on reading and reinterpreting the position of women and men in the Lampung Pepadun tribe. This process is Ayu's way of criticizing the traditional values of the Lampung Pepadun tribe in the present.
One of her works entitled Kami Bu-ta won the "Jasa Bakti" award from the Asian Technology Festival in Johor, Malaysia, 2018. "TubuhDang TubuhDut" was produced for IDF's Kampana program in 2018, and has been performed in several cities in Indonesia, as well as various countries such as Singapore (2018), Malaysia (2018), and Germany (2019 and 2022). Ayu received an art grant from Komunitas Salihara in 2019 and 2020. In 2020-2021, Ayu collaborated with 3Cs Karakoa Projec. In 2021 her latest work entitled Load? premiered at Zuricher Theater Spektakel, Switzerland. 2022 - 2024 Ayu collaborated with Ayaka Nakama a choreographer from Japan, this program was initiated by paradancer (Yogyakarta) and Dance Box (Kobe).

Portrait of Carlo Melis

Carlo Melis

Carlo Melis is among the most longstanding teachers at tanzhaus nrw. He has been teaching modern and jazz dance at the house since 1989, integrating influences from contemporary dance. “Contemporary dance’s freedom challenges standardised techniques in modern and jazz dance, turning the gaze inward.” Accordingly, Carlos’ classes focus less on learning a technique but rather on rediscovering a strategy we have been carrying within from our earliest childhood movements: Being curious, experiencing oneself and one’s body, feeling one’s own emotions. The participants work on movements, but also always on their origins. “We only start dancing when emotions drive movements.” Carlo entered vocational training to become a construction engineer for the sake of his parents, yet he has been fascinated by the arts early on in his youth, playing in physical theatre and in Living Theatre. Following a workshop with Bob Curtis, a pioneer in Afro contemporary dance, Carlo discovered dance: “I had never experienced such intensity. From that moment on, I knew that I wanted to dance.” So, he started studying classical ballet, modern and jazz dance in his homeland of Sardinia at age 26. Later, he also graduated with a degree in theatre and dance education from several Italian universities. During a dance scholarship at the Folkwang University of the Arts, Carlo received tuition by great Wuppertal choreographer Pina Bausch, an experience that influenced his subsequent dance works. He contributed to TV productions, worked with numerous companies and taught at Arnhem University as well as elsewhere.

Chin-A Hwang

Chin-A Hwang

Chin-A Hwang, geboren in Südkorea, erhielt ihre Ausbildung als klassische Bühnentänzerin an der Seoul Arts High School in Korea. Im Anschluss studierte sie Bühnentanz am Zentrum für Zeitgenössischen Tanz - ZZT in Köln.
Seit 2017 ist Chin-A Hwang als freiberufliche Tanzpädagogin unter anderem in der Tanzfaktur, im Cologne Dance Center Köln sowie in verschiedenen Ballettschulen tätig.
Sie unterrichtet sowohl Amateure als auch Profis im klassischen und modernen Tanz.
Regelmäßig tanzt Chin-A Hwang auch in verschiedenen Produktionen der Deutschen Oper am Rhein Duisburg/ Düsseldorf und der Oper Köln.
Seit 2019 studiert sie den Master-Studiengang "Tanzpädagogik klassischer Tanz" an der Folkwang Universität der Künste in Essen.

Porträt eines weißen Mannes (Clinton Stringer) vor einer hellblauen Wand. Er hat sein Haar nach hinten gebunden.

Clinton Stringer/Rosas

Clinton Stringer was born and raised in South Africa. After studying for an Arts Degree there, he moved to Belgium to attend P.A.R.T.S. where he spent two years. In 2000, Clinton joined Rosas (Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker). Over the course of nine years he was involved in many creations and restagings of repertoire pieces including Rain, Drumming, April Me, Raga for the Rainy Season, Mozart / Concert Arias and Bitches Brew. In 2011 and 2014, he was involved in the re-staging of Rain at the Opéra de Paris. Freelance dance projects include Dancesmith (2013) with Mark Lorimer and Cynthia Loemij; Volcano (2014) and You Can’t Take it With You (2017) with Liz Kinoshita; and Gerhard Richter (2017) with Mårten Spångberg. Clinton has also taught technique and Rosas masterclasses at P.A.R.T.S., the Opera de Lyon, the Opéra de Paris, the Danish National School of Performing Arts and the University of the Arts (Philadelphia). In 2019, he became Associate Choreographer of the West Side Story revival on Broadway, assisting choreographer Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker during the audition and creation process. He is currently rehearsal director for EXIT ABOVE of Rosas.

Blick durch das Fenster in ein Studio des tanzhaus nrw.

Darwin Diaz

Darwin Díaz ist Tänzer, Lehrer und Choreograph. Er studierte an der IUDANZA Tanz-Universität in Caracas. 2005 kam er mit einem Stipendium von DAAD und Fundayacucho nach Deutschlandund und absolvierte an der Folkwang Universität der Künste den Studiengang Tanz. Von 2009 bis 2014 war er bei Folkwang Tanz-Studio engagiert. Darwin hat bis 2018 am Stadt Theater Trier unter der künstlerischen Leitung von Susanne Linke getanzt und choreografiert. Er hat u.a. mit Choreographen wie Pina Bausch - Tanztheater Wuppertal, Samir Akika, Anna Holter, Theater der Kläge, Hannes Langolf, Lokstoff “theater im offentlichen Raum” gearbeitet. Als Choreograph hat er zweifach den ersten und den Publikumspreis an zwei verschiedenen Tanzfestivals mit dem Stück „Study #3 The Circle“ gewonnen.
Als Lehrer hat er seinen eigenen Stil und recherchiert zwischen Hatha Yoga und Release Technique. Er unterrichtete an verschiedenen Companien wie: TanzTheater Wuppertal, FTS (Folkwang Tanzstudio), Folkwang Universität der Künste, Cooperativa Maura Morales, Ben Riepe und NeuerTanz.

Dina ed Dik

Dina ed Dik

Dina ed Dik erhielt ihre Tanzausbildung an der Fontys Dansacademie in Tilburg in den Niederlanden.
Seither arbeitete sie als freiberufliche Tänzerin und Performerin an verschiedenen Theatern und mit freien Kompanien unter anderem in den Niederlanden, Belgien, Frankreich und Deutschland.
Seit 2001ist sie Assistentin und Ensemblemitglied des französischen Choreografen Jérôme Bel und erarbeitet mit verschiedenen internationalen Ensembles Neueinstudierungen seiner Stücke und leitet die Proben dazu. In diesem Rahmen hat sie viel Erfahrung in der Arbeit mit großen, sehr diversen, heterogenen Gruppen sammeln können. Im Tanzhaus NRW war diese Arbeit mit „The Show Must Go On „von Jérôme Bel im September 2014 zu sehen.
Neben dem Tanz praktiziert sie seit vielen Jahren Iyengar Yoga, als Unterstützung zum Tanztraining. Übungen und Ansätze aus dieser Technik zur Verbesserung der Flexibilität und der Kraft fließen in ihren Unterricht mit ein.

Porträt Doralisa Reinoso de Tafel

Doralisa Reinoso de Tafel

Doralisa was born in Caracas, Venezuela and lives in Germany since 2014 where she works as a dancer and teacher. She studied classical ballet and contemporary dance and has performed in several national and international festivals. Doralisa’s teaching ethos emphasizes endless exploration, nourishing of body, spirit and soul, being spontaneous and authentic in he creation of music with respect towards your own body and other people in the class. As a creative artist she is mindful of giving space to feel and explore the possibilities of finding new ways to make and research choreographic work and material. Dance is less about time than simply feeling what is in the moment

Tanzstudio mit vielen Stühlen an der Wand. Auf einem liegt ein roter Luftballon in Herzform.

Dozent*innen des Tanzcamps

Bouni, Fellow, Jennifer Döring, Mina Schneider, Elisa Marschall, Sarena Bockers

Blick durch das Fenster in ein Studio des tanzhaus nrw.

Dwayne Holliday

Dwayne Holliday is a dancer, choreographer, teacher and dance scholar. After a successful career as a professional ballet dancer in international companies, he studied contemporary dance at the Center for Contemporary Dance - Cologne University of Music and Dance before working in the contemporary independent scene. He holds a master's degree in dance studies and is currently writing his PhD. His artistic works have been shown in various theaters, museums and public spaces and he has produced a number of dance films. Together with choreographer Maria Golding, he founded the temporary collective “Golding/Holliday”. In addition to his choreographic work, he is regularly invited to participate in various choreographic projects as a dancer, and has published articles on dance and worked as a critic for international publications. He is a father. In 2021 he successfully founded, curated and organised “Beamed Dance Film Festival”.

Mann in blauem Hemd und hinten zusammengebundenen dunklen Haaren vor einer Betonwand schaut mit strahlendem Lächeln in die Kamera

Edwin Cabascango

Porträt von Elisa Marschall im blauen T'Shirt

Elisa Marschall

Elisa Marschall ist eine deutsch-nicaraguanische zeitgenössische Tänzerin, Performerin, Choreografin sowie Tanz-, Yoga- und Theaterpädgogin. Sie absolvierte ihr Tanzstudium an der Folkwang Universität der Künste in Essen und an der ArtEZ Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Arnheim (Niederlande). Bisher hatte sie Gelegenheit mit Regisseur*innen und Choreograf*innen wie Susanne Linke, Anna Holter, Maura Morales, Philipp Stölzl, Andreas Rosar, Carlus Padrissa sowie mit artcenisco performing arts, Sepidar Theater und das Theater der Klänge u.a. zusammen zu arbeiten. Im Jahr 2014 zertifizierte sie sich in Indien zur Yogalehrerin. Seitdem unterrichtet sie leidenschaftlich gerne Gruppen sowie einzelne Personen. 2020 absolvierte sie eine Ausbildung zur Theaterpädagogin in BuT® an der Akademie off-theatre in Neuss. Seit 2021 ist sie Mitglied des Forumtheaters Inszene in Köln, wo sie als Schauspielerin sowie Moderatorin in der kulturellen Bildung tätig ist. Derzeit absolviert sie neben ihrer künstlerischen Tätigkeit einen Master in Szenischer Forschung an der RUB.

Emma Valtonen

Emma Valtonen

Emma Valtonen studied dance and dance education in Finland and Portugal. After many months of performing her graduation work in Finland, she now works as a teacher and choreographer in Finland, Italy and China, among other places. She loves travelling and has trained internationally in various dance styles - always curious and connected with the desire to explore new, unusual paths and movement languages. Various dance styles from urban dance, modern and jazz dance as well as different bodywork techniques shape Emma's style. Her way of teaching is very approachable and open, and her participants are enthusiastic about her “creative, focused, loving and humorous way of teaching”. Emma herself says of her classes: “I want my students to be challenged without pressure or competition.”

Portrait Erika Winkler

Erika Winkler

Erika Winkler received her dance education at the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen and, following her graduation, worked at a number of theatres and in freelance companies, with an engagement of several years with Dutch Company RAZ. She developed projects for Ruhr.2010 and is a regular choreographer for Team Plöger/Winkler/Becker at the FFT Düsseldorf. She teaches workshops internationally and has been an esteemed and popular teacher at tanzhaus nrw since 1998. Here, as well as at PACT Zollverein and for companies like Ultima Vez, Neuer Tanz or Random Dance, she offers regular professional training, too.

Mann in schwarzem Rolli mit Blick in die Kamera, der seine linke Hand auf seiner Brust hält

Francesco Vecchione

Giulia "Blossom" und Tamara Rahil, zwei tanzschaffende Frauen nebeneinander auf einem Foto

Giulia "Blossom" & Tamara Rahil

Giulia is a dancer, Zumba instructor, entertainer and model. She performed on stage for the first time at the age of three and has since gained a lot of experience on stage and on TV. With her first two groups "Hype Snipes" and "UniteD! Movement", she competed successfully at championships for many years. At the age of 16, Giulia started an urban dance education and discovered her passion for the dance style voguing and ballroom culture. In the years that followed, Giulia traveled throughout Europe to take workshops from various dancers and her own idols in order to further her education. At the age of 18 Giulia founded her first own crew called "Do Better Blues" which today serves as a platform for artists of all kinds. Giulia is known in the ballroom scene as Blossom Prodigy. She was a part of the Kiki House of Angels where she achieved the title German Princess and is a former member of the Iconic House of Prodigy. In recent years she has had the chance to dance for artists such as Culcha Candela, Olsen, Ilja Richter, F1rstman from Holland and at the Splash Festival. She is part of the SpecialOne team for which she models and dances all over Europe. Teaching dance is a great passion of hers.

Tamara Rahil began her career with competitive dance in jazz and modern. In 2013, she decided to complete a professional stage dance training course at the "dance emotion - freiburger akademie für tanz". In the following years, she traveled to numerous countries, such as Italy, Great Britain, Ukraine and the USA, to expand her movement repertoire and continue her training in jazz, contemporary and hip-hop. It is these styles that continue to shape her artistic profile. Today Tamara works as a dancer and dance teacher as well as a lecturer for projects such as the "Chance Tanz" project "Hip-Hop Alive" or the European-funded Erasmus+ project "Dance Crew EU" in Bologna/Italy. "I offer real training that provides a solid foundation and enables the participants to grow beyond themselves through the challenges. I give a lot of energy in my lessons and strive for a balance between seriousness and fun. In addition to technique, I also focus on posture and attitude when dancing,' says Tamara.

Irina Hortin

Irina Hortin

Irina Hortin first studied linguistics and literature in Germany, France and Argentina before going on to study contemporary dance in Cologne and Munich. She performs internationally, regularly choreographs for Schalktheater in Zurich, heads youth dance theatre projects and teaches contemporary dance, contact improvisation as well as tango at international festivals. The encounter with Frey Faust, an important figure within French contemporary dance and editor of movement dictionary Axis Syllabus, was of special importance for Irina’s vocational biography, and Irina, as a certified Axis Syllabus (AS) teacher, references the dictionary. The interdisciplinary AS research network surveys the functions of the human body in motion. In the process, information from biomechanics, anatomy, physics and medicine come into use to analyse our motion apparatus and to have it start to move in a functional and caring way. The focus always lies on a respectful contact with oneself and others – and, of course, on the fun in dancing!

Jean-Hugues Assohoto, Schwarzer Mann mit Glatze und blau-weißer Trainingsjacke, im Hintergrund erkennt man veschwommen eine Turnhalle

Jean-Hugues Assohoto

Jean-Hugues was born in Avignon (France) and completed his dance training at the local conservatory. He developed and refined his modern dance technique by working with the choreographer Anne- Marie Porras in Montpellier and completed his Diplome d'état in 1993. After that he worked as an assistant for Anne-Marie Porras and taught at her training school Epsedanse. Jean-Hugues Assohoto is a sought-after dance teacher, choreographer and dancer and has taught in many countries (France, Germany, Japan, Italy, Spain, Slovenia, the Caribbean, Africa, Israel, ect...). In 1999 he received an engagement as a dancer at the Nationaltheater Mannheim, where he worked with choreographers such as Philipp Talard, Bruno Jacquin, Jeanne Renshaw, Marc Mc Clain and Antonio Gomez. He then danced for the Tanztheater Heidelberg under the direction of Irina Pauls. In addition, as a freelance choreographer, he created various projects commissioned by the Theater HD/MA and Choré-Ame Dance Company. For 16 years he has worked as a lecturer for contemporary dance at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Frankfurt am Main. He currently works as a lecturer for modern/contemporary dance at the State Ballet School Berlin.

Portraits zweier Frauen aus dem Tanzbereich, Khadidiatou Bangoura und Sabine Kuxdorf

Khadidiatou Bangoura & Sabine Kuxdorf

Khadidiatou Bangoura is originally from Liberia and Guinea. She was born in France and grew up in Germany. After completing a BA in International Relations & Development Studies and an MA in African Studies in London, she graduated in contemporary dance at Danceworks Berlin in October 2017. She has worked with choreographers such as Jan Pusch (2017), Okwui Okpokwasili (2018&2019), Thomas Kopp (kollektiv anderer Tanz - 2019), Ester Ambrosino (Tanztheater Erfurt - 2019), Rafaële Giovanola (Cocoon Dance - 2020), Lin Verleger (Comedia Theatre Cologne - 2020) & Ives Thuwis-De Leeuw (Junges Ensemble Stuttgart, 2020). Her own choreographic works include 'The heart is a muscle' (November 2016), 'Adult-ish' (July 2017), 'fight, flight, freeze (June 2020) and 'FÜHL DIE WELT DURCH MEINE HAUT - OBSERVATIONS ON EVERYDAY RACISM' (September 2021). In 2022 she was invited by David Zambrano to perform on the occasion of the fourth anniversary of Tic Tac Art Centre in Brussels and for the contemporary art exhibition 'Sit Back, Relax & Enjoy the Apocalypse' at the art space 'La Vallée' in Brussels. In February 2023, she performed in "Soul Dance" at the Rolande Leonard Festival in Lausanne.
Since March 2023, she has been working on the development of an inclusive dance course for blind, visually impaired and sighted participants. This research led to the development of a dance performance for blind and visually impaired viewers without audio description, which was presented as a work in progress in August 2023 under the title "HOW DOES IT FEEL?".

Sabine Kuxdorf is a social worker based in Cologne. She gained her first dance experience in the dance theater production "Collisions Interdites" by DIPHTONG KOLLEKTIV in which she performed in 2022. In August 2023 she acted as a consultant for accessibility and performer in the first research phase of the dance project "HOW DOES IT FEEL?" by Khadidiatou Bangoura.
Together with Khadidiatou Bangoura, she worked on the concept of an inclusive contemporary dance training for sighted, blind and visually impaired people in March and April 2023. Furthermore, since 2023 she has been increasingly active as a consultant on accessibility for blind and visually impaired people and in the conception and production of audio descriptions for various artists, theaters and ensembles in NRW (e.g. Studiobühne, Analogtheater Köln, Ballett am Rhein, Theater Münster).

Gruppen von Menschen in Jacken rangeln

Kollektiv ZOO

Kollektiv ZOO consists of Anja Plonka, Constantin Leonhard and Jens Eike Krüger. ZOO collages and intervenes in urban spaces and theaters with everyday actions, choreographies and incidental material. They work with documentary, installation and choreographic means. Discursive contradictions become the accelerator of actions and aesthetics. Their artistic research began with the performative exploration of the choreographic potential of shaking, pulverizing, decomposing and breaking furniture with bodies. Since their residency in context of Now & Next 2016 in tanzhaus nrw they have been connected to the house. As young artists, the collective is a member of the choreographers’ association iDAS NRW. Starting in 2017, the collective dealt with questions about protest and the resulting barricades. The collective was invited by Justus-Liebig-University Mainz to give a lecture on the subject of “barricades”. In 2020, the collective intervened as part of the housing project in the politics of the cultural institution die börse in the urban space of Wuppertal. In 2020, as part of the Reload grant from the German Federal Cultural Foundation, the collective developed the Performance Correspondence Network - a performative communication about scores and packages with letters and materials. The artistic and physical examination of fighting as choreographic material and as a form of dialogue has become a focus of their work since the first #TakeHeart residency 2020 at tanzhaus nrw.

Portrait of Laura Virgillito

Laura Virgillito

Dance has been occupying a large part of Laura Virgillitto’s life since she was three years old. Following a five-year stay in New York where she studied at the renowned Martha Graham Dance School and at other places while also learning to utilise the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® for her dancer’s career, the native Italian came to Germany in 1997. She worked as a dancer with several different choreographers and companies. Today, Laura is mainly active as a freelance instructor with different companies and institutions both nationally and internationally, among them the Folkwang Tanzstudio, Stadttheater Bielefeld, PACT Zollverein, VA Wölfl’s NEUER TANZ, and also at tanzhaus nrw for about 15 years now. She is a GYROKINESIS® master trainer and heads her own studio in Cologne. She teaches the GYROKINESIS® movement system which puts an emphasis on somatic aspects, addressing both people with and without prior dance experience, as well as a contemporary training for professional dance creatives at tanzhaus nrw. 

Leon Börgens, mit Bart und zusammengebundenen langen Haaren mit Blick in die Kamera. Er tägt einen dunklen Wollpulli mit Reißverschluss und Kragen, darunter ein dunkles T'Shirt. Der Hintergrund ist schwarz

Leon Börgens

Leon is a passionate mover, dancer and acrobat. He studied contemporary circus arts with focus on partner acrobatics in Brussels and worked in different projects on the line between dance and circus. Since 2018 he is part of the company Overhead Project from Cologne with which he is performing in the pieces "My Body Is Your Body" and "What Is Left", currently working on the new creation "Blueprint". In 2020 he also became part of the French circus company Un Loup Pour L'Homme and their creation "Dans L'Espace". Leon also created his own duo work "Homo Puppy" together with his partner Hrista Panayotova - an ongoing study of the connection between all beings on the planet and the better side of humanity.

Mann mit Bart und dunklen Haaren, weißem T'Shirt und überkreuzten Armen vor schwarzem Hintergrund schaut in die Kamera

Lin Verleger

Having a background in breakdance, Lin combines contemporary and urban elements in his current artistic and dance education work. He is a former German breakdance champion and has danced with renowned dance theaterer makers, such as Susanne Linke, the former Pina Bausch dancer Regina Advento, the internationally touring company La Macana or the director Nuran David Calis. He also worked for the Tanztheater Erfurt. In recent years, Lin has focused his choreographic work on children's and youth theater. He has choreographed and directed pieces for renowned theaters for young audiences such as Jes in Stuttgart, Tanz Graz and the Comedia Theater in Cologne. In 2018, he won 2nd prize at the NRW Youth Culture Prize with the dance company MIRA and "Youngdogs" and was invited to the Berliner Festspiele's "Tanztreffen der Jugend" in 2019 with his youth production "Uncanny Valley". In 2019, he won the "SoloDuo Competition" in Cologne with a solo. His piece "MutigMutig" was nominated for the Cologne Theater Prize in 2020 and was "Children's Theater of the Month" in November 2022. In 2023 his choreographed urban dance piece "Aus der Kurve fliegen" (directed by Grete Pagan) was nominated for the theater prize "Der Faust".

Mamela Nyamza, Schwarze Frau mit buntem Kopftuch und schwarzem Oberteil. Sie lächelt und hat ihre Hände an der Stirn

Mamela Nyamza

The South African choreographer and art activist, Ms. Mamela Nyamza, is formally trained in Ballet, and got further training at the Alvin Ailey New York School of Dance as visiting scholar. This is where Nyamza began to tackle the classical genre of dance, by deconstructing the traditional methods and logic of ballet and contemporary dance. Her ground-breaking works, “The Dying Swan” – innovation in the dance in 1998; “Hatched” – against patriarchy in 2007, and the “The Meal” – against elitist ballet in 2012, are autobiographical works that trample on the norms of the classics. Her other works include: “BLACK PRIVILEGE” – against injustices of women; “PEST CONTROL” – miscarriage of justice within the arts formalized institutions; "GROUNDED" - reflection of contemporary narratives and dramaturgy behind political discourses of dialogue and performance between the contemporary artist and audience, and her newest work “HATCHED ENSEMBLE” - that is being performed by 10 ballet trained dancers from different ethnic backgrounds, conveying deeply personal and challenging issues of tradition and artists evolving experiences and gender norms within the dance classics, until they ultimately realize their own respective true identities within the arts and creative industry. Mamela Nyamza has received these awards and accolades, including being chosen as the Featured Artist of the Grahamstown Standard Bank National Arts Festival 2018, a first of its kind for the Dance Art Genre; and chosen as the Legacy Artist for JOMBA! Dance Festival for the Year 2023; awarded the FNB Dance Indaba Award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Dancer in Contemporary Style for “THE DYING SWAN” in 2000; chosen in 2011 as the Standard Bank Young Artist for the DANCE; in 2016, awarded the IMBOKODO Award for DANCE; and, in 2022, Nyamza received an award from Burkina Faso Festival International de Danse de Ouagadougou (FIDO 2022), the Marraines FIDO 2022. Nyamza was invited to take part in the Dance Future 11:Focus Pina Bausch 2017 in Germany, where the iconic and visionary dancer, Pina Bausch, was celebrated. For the Seasons 2020 and 2022, Nyamza was temporary based at the Theatre Chatelet, Paris in France as a Choreographer for the African Production Le Vol du Boli, under the direction of Abderrahmane Sissako from Mali. In June 2022, Mamela Nyamza was appointed as a Curator for the Artistic Programme: Africa, by the Staatstheatre Mainz in Germany, for the Tanz Kongress 22, under the Theme "Sharing Potentials". The ultimate vision for Nyamza, is to make DANCE, as the genre of the performance art, to convey body politics on all social issues, and not to entertain but to edutain. Hence the creation of Hatched Ensemble and the establishment of her new non-profit company Mamelas Artistic Movement.

Porträtaufnahme von Marcela Ruiz Quintero

Marcela Ruiz Quintero

Marcela Ruiz Quintero is a Columbian dancer and choreographer based in Düsseldorf. In 2000, she received a Master’s Degree in Performing Arts with a major in Contemporary Dance at the Universidad Distrital de Bogotá in Colombia and a Degree in Dance in 2004 from the Folkwang University of Arts in Essen, Germany. From 2005 until 2009, she worked with the dance company Folkwang Tanzstudio (FTS), collaborating with leading choreographers: Henrietta Horn, Michèle Anne De Mey, Thierry De Mey, Rodolpho Leoni, Leandro Kees and Ben J. Riepe. From 2007 until 2010, she was invited by the Pina Bausch dance company to perform the iconic piece The Rite of Spring (created in 1975), presented during an extensive and lengthy world tour. Since 2009 Marcela has been working as a freelance dancer and choreographer, developing her own projects and collaborating with other artists from the independent scene.

Porträt von Maria Mercedes Flores Mujica vor einem blauen, leicht bewölkten Himmel

Maria Mercedes Flores Mujica

Maria Mercedes Flores Mujica is a Venezuelan dance artist based in Cologne. By researching peculiar communication forms, she creates performative ecosystems that bloom on the stage and beyond. In her training she uses folk dance and somatic methods to  that retrieve rhythmicality, body knowledge, and festivity values to integrate them in contemporary dance practice.

Foto Maura Morales

Maura Morales

Mina Schneider


Minas Leidenschaft als Tänzerin und Lehrerin entspringt ihrer lebenslangen Obsession für Bewegung und Musik und diese, vereint in verschiedensten Situationen, zu erleben und zu geniessen; was sie im Laufe ihrer Zeit immer näher zu ihrem Beruf als Tanzkünstlerin führte. Mit dem Tanzen begann Mina früh in den Ballet Studios von Sonja Bjerke und Olivia Lindig. Später, im Laufe der Teenager Jahre, begann Mina neben dem klassischen Ballet die Stile Contemporary, Dancehall und Modernen Tanz wöchentlich zu trainieren; und nach dem Abitur 2018 war schnell entschlossen, dass der Weg weiter Richtung Tanz geht. Von 2018 bis 2022 studierte Mina an der ‚ArtEZ University of the Arts‘ in den Niederlanden Tanz, Choreografie und Pädagogik und tanzte in verschiedenen Stücken und Produktionen mit. Während ihrer Studienzeit konzentrierte sie sich vor allem auf das Entdecken ihrer eigenen Tanzsprache und erlangte professionelles Training in den Stilen Ballet, Modern, Contemporary/Floorwork und Jazz. Im letzten Jahr ihres Studiums spezialisierte Mina sich auf das interdisziplinäre Arbeiten mit professionellen Tänzern*innen und Musiker*innen um beide Disziplinen durch Improvisation in Relation zu einander zu setzen. Gegenwertig tanzt und unterrichtet Mina hauptsächlich in Köln und Umgebung. Sie unterrichtet in den Stilen Urban Contemporary, Floorwork, Improvisation und Modern.

Tanzdozentinnen Mirjam Neuling und Erika Winkler

Mirjam Neuling & Erika Winkler

Mirjam Neuling is a state-approved musical performer, who later concentrated on her other passion - dance. New Dance gave her access to contemporary dance through her training as a "Community Performance Teacher" with Rotraud de Neve and Heidrun Vielhauer in Hamburg. At that time she became acquainted with contact improvisation. Through regular further training at the Tic Tac Art Centre in Brussels with David Zambrano, at Bewegungsart in Freiburg and "Movimiento en Piso" with Pedro Garcia, she developed her profile in contemporary dance, characterized by animal flow, improvisation, floor work and contact improvisation. Mirjam enjoys working in collaboration with other arts and applies aspects of performance in the form of interaction with the audience. She has recently staged several dance projects in Mexico.
In addition to dance, Mirjam has been practicing yoga for many years. She particularly appreciates the breath training and strength building as a support for dance practice. What she likes about contemporary dance is the focus on the body as it is and experimenting with it.
"It's wonderful to experience what the body is capable of when it is allowed to express itself in a relaxed and safe environment."

Erika Winkler received her dance education at the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen and, following her graduation, worked at a number of theatres and in freelance companies, with an engagement of several years with Dutch Company RAZ. She developed projects for Ruhr.2010 and is a regular choreographer for Team Plöger/Winkler/Becker at the FFT Düsseldorf. She teaches workshops internationally and has been an esteemed and popular teacher at tanzhaus nrw since 1998. Here, as well as at PACT Zollverein and for companies like Ultima Vez, Neuer Tanz or Random Dance, she offers regular professional training, too.

Paolo Fossa

Paolo Fossa

Paolo Fossa is choreographer, dancer and teacher. He has been working throughout Europe for the last 20 years, applying his knowledge of the body in movement to contemporary dance and improvisation. He teaches in many theatres, dance companies, at Folkwang University, Academy of Theatre and Dance Amsterdam University of Arts, Tanzhaus NRW in Düsseldorf, Fontys in Tilburg and DansArt Akademie in Bielefeld. In cooperation with these institutions he also realises choreographies that stand alongside his numerous independent productions. Some of his latest works: Körpererzählung (2019), Stray Dogs (2018).Due to his pronounced communicative and organisational skills, he has been running a dance education project in Shenzhen/China since 2017 together with the Giessen Dance Company, where he has been working as a ballet master for contemporary dance since 2015. The aim is to develop a curriculum for contemporary and improvisation techniques at the Shenzhen Arts School. Parallel to his work on stage, he works with private and city institutions and leads several social projects with young people. Together with the choreographer Gerda König, creator of the first project of the M.A.D.E. ( Mixed-Abled Dance Education ), he is working on the creation of a new method of studying contemporary dance, which will enable students and dancers with and without disabilities to pursue a joint education.

Blick durch das Fenster in ein Studio des tanzhaus nrw.

Ricardo Campos Freire

Ricardo Campos Freire is a versatile artist from Lisbon, Portugal. Trained at Superior Dance School in Lisbon and Stockholm University of the Arts, he danced with renowned companies across Europe. Collaborating with esteemed choreographers like Mauro Bigonzetti and Cayetano Soto, Ricardo's talent garnered recognition, earning him the Smiljana Mandukic Award in 2015 as the best dancer of the year. Since 2011, he's been crafting compelling choreography, with notable pieces like “Apart” and “Public Domain” winning acclaim. His work has been shown in stages worldwide, from Italy to South Korea, showcasing his
dynamic creativity.
“As a choreographer, my essence lies in the connection with and dedication to the dancers. Exploring a rich spectrum of challenges and emotions, the essence of purposeful movement drives my creative intuition and informs my choreographic endeavors. Each project carries its own unique mindset and specific objectives, allowing my body to give shape to my artistic expression. The ambiance cultivated in every creation forges a profound bond between the dancers and the audience. The aspiration to touch the audience on an emotional level by addressing pertinent themes and conveying a message remains a steadfast principle in my work. Crafting narratives with depth and dramaturgy grants each dancer a personal connection, enabling them to resonate with others and invite them on their artistic journey.”

Zwei Frauen die einander berührend zugewandt sind, die eine ein blauem, die andere in rotem Sweatshirt und beide mit Haaren Pferdeschwänzen gebunden

Silke Schuster & Mira Rosa Plikat

Silke Schuster and Mira Rosa Plikat are freelance dancers and choreographers. They met while studying contemporary dance at the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz in Cologne and have been working together on various projects and research projects ever since. Their common interest lies in teaching contemporary dance techniques as well as floorwork and acrobatics. It is important to them to create trusting contexts and group constellations that enable the participants to develop self-confidence and relate to each other.

Stefanie Schwimmbeck, Weiße Frau mit kurzen blonden Haaren in weißem Oberteil, eine blassgelbe Kachelwand im Hintergrund

Stefanie Schwimmbeck

Stefanie Schwimmbeck has been working as a freelance contemporary dancer and dance teacher since her studies at the University of Music and Dance in Cologne (HfMT). Her experience as a dance teacher ranges from various participatory projects to contemporary dance training for amateurs of all ages and professional dancers to teaching at universities. She teaches creative contemporary dance for children and young people at the Kreative Werkstatt at Brotfabrik Bonn-Beuel and organizes the annual school performance with her dance students aged 4-18. In Düsseldorf, she is regularly part of the dance laboratory "move on..." at Akki - Aktion & Kultur mit Kindern e.V.. For her, dance education builds a bridge between dancers, students and spectators and plays a central role in strengthening the art form of dance.

Tamara Rahil

Tamara Rahil

In this course participants will be introduced to various contemporary dance techniques mixed with urban elements. The elements learned will be combined and linked to choreographies to modern songs. This will help the children to establish a dance foundation for themselves. Let's dance, have fun and learn together! 

Tom Diener, Weißer Mann mit dunkelblonden Haaren und Schnäuzer mit Hemd in Brauntönen vor grau-unifarbenem Hintergrund

Tom Diener

Tom Diener was born on 16.07.1993 in Saarbrücken. In September 2015 he began his dance studies at the HfMDK Frankfurt am Main, which he completed in June 2022 with his BA degree in contemporary dance. Tom has been working as a freelance dancer, dance teacher and workshop instructor since August 2019. Choreographers and companies he has worked with include Haptic Hide, Co-Op Dance Company, Seraina Stoffel, Vobalko Kollektiv, Simon Möllendorf, profikollektion and IP-Tanz. He performed his piece ''Improvisation with an Armchair'' on 15.07.2022 as part of the Paradis Festival at the Völklinger Hütte.