Das Profil von Leah Marojević.
Festival · 06. – 15.01.2022


TEMPS D’IMAGES invites its audience to an annual system update for dance and technology. The festival’s self-conception is one of a presentation platform for artistic innovation as well as for a continuous research laboratory in the support of artists at the intersection of digital media, new technologies, and dance. With Choy Ka Fai, Colette Sadler, Jasmine Morand, Simon Senn as well as many others, we will simultaneously encounter well-known festival actors as well as newcomers during this 17th edition of the festival. TEMPS D’IMAGES 2022 ponders the question how much our present has been increasingly characterised by both old and new technologies while providing insight into diverse aesthetic approaches towards this tense interplay. A multi-perspective festival programme emerges, presenting two German premieres, ranging from mechanical mirroring techniques, sci-fi dystopias, and algorithms to a tackling of artificial intelligence and VR techniques.