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Festival · 03. – 13.06.2021



Following the cancellation of last year’s CLAIMING COMMON SPACES – the joint programme series by the Alliance of International Production Houses –, its third edition is going to take place from 03.06. – 13.06.2021. The theme will be WELCOME TO THE PLEASUREZONE, which also serves as a testing ground for a time in which we re-learn encounters anew. The programme, developed under the main guidance provided by Kampnagel in Hamburg, will be presented in Hamburg as well as in the cities in which further Alliance Houses are situated. In Düsseldorf, an augmented reality parkour invites the audience to experience digital performance within the cityscape. tanzhaus nrw Factory Artist Alfredo Zinola, on the other hand, will be on site to guest with a sculpture at the temporary art park in Hamburg.
Have fun exploring the Düsseldorf PLEASUREZONE!

Download the [k] to go – Augmented Reality App  via the Google Play Store or the App Store.

Tips and Notes: Please download the app at home beforehand. Choose the “CLAIMING COMMON SPACES – FEELING MYSELF IN PUBLIC SPACE” parkour under the PROGRAMM header. Click on DOWNLOAD to load all content. You will save data volume this way. We recommend that your mobile device is fully charged when entering the parkour; carry an optional power bank. Extra hint: Switch on sound.