About Laura Wolff

Dance has accompanied Laura since she was little. As a teenager, she took part in courses at tanzhaus nrw until she went to Hamburg and London to study. She has been working with young and old dancers for many years in various projects, dance schools and kindergartens. She also teaches Jekits dance for various municipal music schools.

Since the beginning of 2023, she has been teaching the Creative Children's Dance course. It is important to her to inspire the children and to convey to them "There is no right and no wrong!". She wants to encourage them to express and experience themselves through their own bodies. "I am always amazed at how well the children observe and how well-developed their understanding of movement and physicality is - and how critical they can be." In addition to the technical part, in which movement practices are learnt, the course is also about the children contributing their own movement ideas.

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Laura Wolff