Now & Next

With works by Eray Gülay, Thaddäus Maria Jungmann and Elin Tezel
Small Stage
12.06.2024 – 13.06.2024
Eray Gülay steht leicht von der Kamera Weggedreht in einem schwarzen Kleid das ihm bis kurz unter die Brust geht.
Eine weiblich gelesene Tänzer*In rutscht auf einer Hand abgestützt über den Boden.
Ein Männlich gelesener Tänzer hat ein Bein nach oben gezogen und Seine Arme ab den Ellenbogen von sich weg gestreckt.

The platform for up-and-coming choreographers regularly presents first works under the artists’ own names, projects, and work-in-progress excerpts by North Rhine-Westphalian artists. Up to three short works will be presented per evening. There will be a subsequent exchange with the artists. For the June edition of Now & Next, we will present young aesthetics from the contemporary scene and urban dance culture. It will feature Eray Gülay, Thaddäus Maria Jungmann, and others.

Duration: about 90 min.

Do 13.06. Talk afterwards


Eray Gülay: Hypostase

In the rapidly developing world of the 21st century, the boundaries between humans and machines are becoming increasingly blurred. Artificial intelligence (AI) is advancing at breathtaking speed and penetrating areas that were once considered the exclusive domain of humans. In this context, profound questions arise about the nature of creativity and the future of our species. Hypostase addresses the question of how our relationship with AI might change over time.

Concept, performance, choreography: Eray Gülay; outside-eye: Marie-Zoe Buchholz; AI-art: Claudio Soranno; costume design: Rodrigo Santos Peixoto

Elin Tezel: BeBraveBabe

BeBraveBabe is a solo dance performance about the transformation of a desire to intimidate, coupled with a courage to hold onto rage, into a show of strength that is eventually vulnerable. Inspired by an anger in service of love for the Wretched of the Earth, the piece is a call for bravery, as much for the performer as for the audience. It attempts to threaten, brag and hold power over the other, pleasuring oneself with intimidation while longing for connection.

Elin Tezel lives in Cologne and studies in Center for Contemporary Dance(ZZT) Köln. She is currently working on her graduation performance with an interest in liberation, desire, rage, resistance and display of strength.

Concept, choreography, performance: Elin Tezel; Musik: Nicolas Berge; Outside eye: Demetrios Navras, Ander Ballarin, Giada Peli, Isabel Carvalho; mentor: Claire Vivianne Sobottke; light: Marco Wehrspann

Thaddäus Maria Jungmann: 🔥🔥🔥

Hotness (sexual attractiveness)

is characterised by social, cultural and gender-specific conventions. This results in social standards that the individual body has to work to fulfil.

Hotness (heat)

is an unusually high perceived temperature. The extreme event of a heatwave damages human health and ecosystems.

🔥 🔥 🔥 is a seductive solo between the pursuit of hotness and the danger of the resulting physical collapse. An ironic approach to seeking the consequences of global warming in the obsessive desire for perfect body standards; does the tyranny of hotness have a destructive impact on the environment?

Thaddäus Maria Jungmann is a cute performer. Previously cast as a musical theatre actor in unattractive characters with comedic role profiles, 🔥 🔥 🔥 is an emancipatory act of feeling one's own hotness and facing up to the desire to be perceived as such.

In English

Concept & performance: Thaddäus Maria Jungmann; dramaturgy: Benjamin Fischbach; costume design: Benze C. Werner; text development: Nico Hartwig; Inspiration Hotness: Queen B.